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Zorian F.
Available: 19 Mar 2018
MIDDLE /team lead
Full Stack Developer with solid experience in Java / JavaScript technologies stack
Full stack developer with extensive expertise in developing server-side software modules and client-side user interface components, which gives me a good vision of how web applications work as a whole.

I have considerable experience in building flexible, efficient and secured Web-based applications using the Java-related stack. Qualified in JavaScript web technologies including numerous frameworks such as Angular2, ReactJS, jQuery. Also, I implemented back-end part of software using Node.js. Skilled in dealing with various databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Redis).

I like to create algorithms which can improve the performance of an Application, designing project architecture and delivering great software according to clean code principles.

Experienced in developing apps from scratch and in implementing continuous integration process.
English: Intermediate
Lviv/Ukraine; NY/USA


Industry Experience

Business & Productivity, Statistics & Atalytics, Advertising & Marketing, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Product Experience

web application, data processing and reporting system, web traffic analysis system


May `17 – Present

10 months

Stick presentation

Full-stack developer / Team lead

- creating and executing project work plans; - requirement clarification and collaboration with a dedicated team; - participate in making key application architecture decisions; - developing new features; - performance improvements to the App; - code reviewing and refactoring; - mentoring other team members.

USA-based startup company

A web application that helps users to create visual presentations automatically from typed text. It uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies to dynamically suggest images that match the slide’s content and place them in a proper place on the slide. Website:

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB React.js Redux Java 8 Spring Boot


Business & Productivity


web application

Jun `15 – Present

2 years

Traffic Control

Full Stack Developer / Team Lead

- developing modular architecture including load balancer; - design and implementation the algorithm for bid adjustment; - servers configuration on RackSpace Cloud; - development and performance system testing and fixing defects identified during testing; - providing support and monitoring the system and identifying system deficiencies; - mentoring other team members on coding standards; - performing code reviews and refactoring.

The System that handles traffic flows by redirecting traffic (users hits) from various sources to its destination, each transaction is locked and data is stored for further analysis. Also, it stores and handles financial reports fetched from all destinations and sources. All data is aggregated and displayed in various charts/tables/reports on the website. The developed arbitrage system algorithmically changes the bids(traffic price) based on the collected data.

Technologies Stack:

Java jQuery MongoDB JUnit Spring Framework


Statistics & Atalytics


data processing and reporting system, web traffic analysis system, web application

Lobby touchscreens

Back-end Developer

- developing project architecture that integrates appropriate technologies in accordance with design goals and business requirements

USA-based startup

A touchscreen application for a new building. Designed to be a CMS platform that allows the customer to manage his own clients and manage the content that should be displayed for his clients according to the settings that are manually set up by the owner of the application from the admin panel. The IoT element is a Smart Reader that allows identifying the user that interacts with the application. Website:

Technologies Stack:

MongoDB Spring Security Spring Data Java 8 Spring Boot


Business & Productivity, Advertising & Marketing

Mining service

Full Stack Developer

- design and implementation the project architecture; - developing OAuth2 + 2FA security; - creating new valets and managing transactions; - design and implementation major portions of software using appropriate tools and technologies.

A cloud mining service that will provide an ability for users to purchase hash power and earn income proportional to the hash power they purchased.

Technologies Stack:

Express.js MongoDB Node.js Socket.IO Angular 2x


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


web application


Ivan Franko National University of Lviv

Master of Mathematics and Statistics

Web & Mobile apps development agency #284

The goal of our company is to provide our customer with the best services by sharing ideas and maintaining high-quality software. Oril Inc. is the team of talented experts who have strong commitment, excellent communication skills and a manner to solve problems with great proficiency.


Lviv/Ukraine; NY/USA
Lviv/Ukraine; NY/USA
Front end developer - JavaScript, Angular 2-4, React.js
Skillful expert in front-end development with a solid expertise in complete Software Development including functional specifications analysis, design, documentation, programming, testing, implementati...
Portfolio: 4 Projects
Lviv/Ukraine; NY/USA
Lviv/Ukraine; NY/USA
Front end developer - JavaScript, React.js, Redux
Experienced front-end developer with expert level skills in User Interface application development using HTML5, CSS/CSS3, JavaScript (TypeScript), jQuery, AJAX, JSON. Able to write clean code as well...
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