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Stefan A.
Available: 25 Jun 2018
NodeJS/Solidity developer passionate about decentralization and blockchain development.
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Oct `17 – Present

8 months

Cryptocurrency Investment Tool

Smart Contracts Developer

Developed several smart contracts implementing a multilayer upgradable architecture. Significantly optimized contracts implementation and thus reduced gas costs. Integrated several smart contracts with a NodeJS backend using Web3.js

A smart contract based investment tool consisting of multiple cryptocurrencies.

Technologies Stack:

JavaScript Node.js Ethereum Solidity Web3.js Truffle

Jun `17 – Oct `17

4 months

LK Insurance Broker

Full-stack Developer

Implemented the admin panel, user module, authentication and authorization. Created documentation with Compodoc and deployed the application in Azure

Angular 4 based web app allowing clients to order different kinds of insurance and observe them, while the employees have access to all clients‘ insurance policies and can manage them.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Azure Node.js

Jun `17 – Oct `17

4 months

Bonanza Algorithms Catalogue

Full-stack Developer

Implemented the admin panel and the judge system functionality. Wrote functional tests with Selenium and deployed the application in AWS

Web app based on Node.js with server-side rendering representing an algorithm catalogue with an admin panel, judge system functionality and chat where the client can solve complex tasks and chat with other users.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Node.js

Jan `17 – Apr `17

3 months

Library System CLI

Full-stack Developer

Implemented SQLite logger using Ninject interception, extracted the data layer, wrote command functionalities. Wrote unit tests in Nunit , Moq, Effort and Nmemory

Library management system with a console client application implemented in C#. The system’s data is hosted on an SQL Server database, user information is hosted using PostgreSQL, and administrative logs is hosted using SQLite.

Technologies Stack:

C# PostgreSQL NUnit


Telerik Academy

Computer science

New Bulgarian University

MSc in Informatics

AI/ML, Blockchain, Mobile, agency #271



E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Internet & Telecom, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Our mission is to create value by developing Deep Learning artificial intelligence systems. Our services include end-to-end deep learning infrastructure setup and training, as well as technological consulting and software development outsourcing.