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Emil B.
Available: 02 Jul 2018
Senior Full Stack developer, proficient in JavaScript and PHP.
Experienced full-stack developer, focusing mainly on front-end technologies (JavaScript, HTML and CSS), with experience in C# and PHP.

Started programming over 7 years ago.
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Industry Experience

Blockchain & Cryptocurrency, News & Media, Entertainment & Games

Product Experience

Online payment service


Jul `17 – Dec `17

5 months

Product 36

Lead Front End Developer

Participated in the development of the platform from the start

Alt 36

Beautifully designed, simple-to-use payment technology for companies accepting DASH digital currency.

Technologies Stack:

Angular 4


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Online payment service


Mar `16 – Dec `17

1 year

Big Data Analytics Software

Lead developer

Planned and overseen development of new features

It was not easy to accept a challenge and "move" media monitoring in digital form and make media material available to everyone at all times. With innovative web and mobile solutions, valuable time required for traditional methods of data collection, has become the past. A special challenge in the development of software, was able to create at any time functionality can choose and adapt depending on the need for a specific type of information.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Laravel Framework


News & Media


Dec `16 – Mar `17

3 months

Software for Gambling industry

Lead developer

Participated in the development of the platform from the start. Planned and overseen development of new features

Šansa Bet

Working on this project has involved both development and design which has resulted in launching these amazing products. Totally user friendly desktop and mobile applications created a base for further developing, such as: TV overviews, Bingo system, Terminals and so on.

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS React.js Symfony Laravel Framework MySQL Programming


Entertainment & Games


Digital creative agency agency #241

We are a digital creative agency which consists of talented and experienced managers, designers and programmers who are intensively curious and passionate about strategy, design and technology. Most of us play music, and we all love life and people :)


Senior full stack developer and team leader with more than 12 years of experience in softw...
As one of the web pioneers in IT industry he gained great experience in fields of design, IT, marketing and strategy. Started programming at the age of 16. Thanks to his commitment to the teamwork...
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Updated: 20 Mar 2018
Full stack developer with strong backend expertise, specialized at complex systems.
As a full-stack developer, in everyday work he uses back-end technologies (PHP, C#), front-end technologies (JavaScript, HTML and CSS), and is also developing Android mobile applications and as well a...
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Updated: 19 Mar 2018