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Gegham K.
Available: 30 Jun 2018
React js. developer and CSS Expert with specialization in visualizations and animations.
Gegham is focused, detail oriented and punctual. In work he always sticks to provide documentation. Bypassing recognised issues and workarounds is not his style, Gegham looks for genuine long term solution to the problems at hand. Poorly written code is Gegham’s biggest pet peeve, clean code at all times is what he aims for.
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Industry Experience

Business & Productivity

Product Experience

customer services web application


Jan `18 – Apr `17

9 months

Paramount Decisions

Lead Front End Developer

This is one of the best projects made within Frontjet team. Client says: "Mesrop is incredible. He delivers pixel-perfect HTML & CSS from our sketch files. He is very knowledgeable about different CSS & JS libraries and can develop custom components that are reusable. Basically, if you can design it, he can build it.

Technologies Stack:

HTML5 JavaScript Bootstrap CSS3 Animation


Business & Productivity


customer services web application


UI/UX/ front-end development agency #238

Company focused on creating high quality websites, full responsive web interfaces and mobile applications.


Senior Javascript expert with specialization in React, Node, Ember
Tigran is the youngest member of our team, yet the most experienced when it comes to Ember JavaScript. He also masters React JS, Angular JS and Node JS and is exceptionally good at choosing the right...
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Updated: 24 May 2018
Full Stack developer
Narek is the multidisciplinary chameleon, the team’s irreplaceable full stack developer. He is a man who wears many hats by mastering most front-end toolkits and skills. Besides strong technical skill...
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Updated: 17 Apr 2018
Expert frontend developer, a huge crypo enthusiast and domain expert
Mesrop is the lead at our company, expert frontend developer, a huge crypo enthusiast and domain expert. With years of hard work, professional approach and the ability to recognise talent in people,...
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Updated: 15 Feb 2018