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Maxim S.
Last update: 22 May 2019
C++ Software Engineer
Strong C++ knowledge, standard template library (STL), QT.  Experienced in cross-platform code, object-oriented programming, high  performance and low latency system development.
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Industry Experience

Advertising & Marketing


RTB Support for an Existing Ad Platform

Senior Software Engineer

Full development cycle of the top-level of the system (development,  testing, bug fixing, integration with third party platforms).

To provide customers with a more reliable, high-quality service, our client decided to expand its publisher base by adding real-time bidding capabilities to its platform. This would allow customers to connect to major ad exchanges in the market such as Google AdX, Smaato, MoPub, and others. The Avantize-developed client solution has been in production and running for some time now and has brought excellent value to the client's business.

Technologies Stack:

C++ Redis STL RTB RapidJSON CLion CMake


Advertising & Marketing


System for collecting information «RailwayDiagnostic»

Senior C++ Software Engineer

Full development cycle of the top-level of the system (development,  testing, bug fixing, analyzing crash dumps).

The system collects status information of devices on the railway tracks.  Running a graphical representation of the state elements (state relays,  generators, receivers). Stores configuration parameters in xml format and  events log in the database.

Technologies Stack:

C++ Qt Component Object Model (Microsoft COM) Win32 App Development Modbus Google Breakpad


Kharkiv National Aerospace University

Master in Computer Science

Web & desktop development agency #239

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Full Stack Javascript developer
Hi! My name is Taras, and I'm a full stack javascript developer. I have a lot of experience in web development. After 3 years of programming, I understand one thing - the time is the most expensive a...
2 Projects completed
GMT+2 East Europe
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Updated: 28 May 2019