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Serhii K.
Last update: 25 Sep 2018
SENIOR /team lead
Web Developer with 6 years of experience
Experience in developing:
- E-commerce, online shopping systems, accounting / bookkeeping systems;
- Customer relation systems (CRM);
- Content management systems, blogs, galleries, etc.;
- Integrations with payment systems, social networks and other third-party services
All rates are indicative, annual rate includes 20% discount
20% discount on yearly basis
GMT+3 Middle East


Supplier Discovery Platform

Developer ​(backend / frontend, administration)

My responsibilities were ​to ​develop ​an application ​architecture ​and ​implement most ​of ​the application ​logic from scratch. Also the project contained a tool to parse a big amount of data using asynchronous tasks. There was a need to tune Postgresql settings and use trigram indexes. The project was deployed using Fabric scripts and CI/CD system. All the functionality was covered with unit and integration tests.

Helps public sector buyers identify and research suppliers (

Technologies Stack:

Django JavaScript jQuery Python

Time management system

Developer ​(backend / frontend)

My ​part ​in ​that ​project ​was to ​develop some new functionality (such as adding new API endpoints, carousel, infinite scrolling) and tests. Also the app was migrated from Angular2 to Angular4. One of the tasks was to install a Sentry server to track errors both on backend and frontend sides.

The application (SPA) allows to manage tasks and track time (details ​are ​under ​NDA).

Technologies Stack:

AngularJS Django PostgreSQL Python TypeScript Webpack WebSockets

CRM and accounting system

Lead developer ​(backend / frontend)

My ​part ​in ​that project ​was to support existing functionality and ​develop new one. I introduced tests using factories for Django models and mock library that made code more reliable. New complex frontend tools were implemented using React, Typescript and Webpack. Some of tthe interesting tasks were implementing Kanban board and a timeline. Communication between frontend and backend was built using REST API.

The application allows to manage documents, accounting process, track internal processes and payments. Also it interacts with external systems via API (payments, Google Docs, Google Maps) and includes a mobile app.

Technologies Stack:

Django PostgreSQL Python React.js TypeScript

Consulting marketplace

Full-stack developer

Optimization of the text editor/transcriptor and highlighting of the words in audio Creating the dashboard, selecting and displaying the data Payment integration with a third-party service via the API

A platform for the experts to consult the clients and receive money for this

Technologies Stack:

Django Heroku PostgreSQL Python React.js

Healthcare project

Backend developer

Editing of ReactJS code Development of REST API Integration of the services Settling Docker-compose for local development Adding permission systems and authentication with the help of 3rd-party service (bank ID) from backend side Development of texts

The software for automating the process of booking an appointment with a necessary doctor and receiving the results of the assessment. The results of the assessment are stored at the dedicated encrypted database (AWS RDS). The encrypted information is impossible to change without logging. All the changes and views of the confidential information are saved and can be logged.

Technologies Stack:

AWS Django GitHub JavaScript PostgreSQL Python React.js Git Jenkins Nginx Babel Webpack Docker


State University of Telecommunications

Specialist degree in Electronics and Telecommunications


Algorithmic Toolbox by University of California, San Diego and Higher School of Economics ​​on Coursera

Web development agency #180



E-Commerce & Retail, Entertainment & Games, Booking & Rent

Web development with care