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Full Stack Web Developer - NodeJS / React.js, Vue.js, Angular, Express.js, Adonis, Laravel Decent experience in Data Science and Fintech.
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Updated: 16 May 2019
Full Stack Web Developer (PHP/JavaScript)
5+ years of professional experience as a PHP/JavaScript developer. Implemented and maintained raw PHP, JavaScript applications as well as Yii, Yii2, Symfony2, AngularJS frameworks. Additional responsi...
19 Projects completed
GMT+3 Middle East
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Updated: 25 Apr 2019
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Updated: 07 Mar 2019
I’m working at the position of web (backend PHP) developer. I specialize in the development of the user interface and on projects with a large data flow and high load. I also easily work with the ser...
2 Projects completed
GMT-11 Pacific Region
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Updated: 12 Nov 2018

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