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Proper planning and managing of the quality of processes and products being delivered

Engaging a separate company to provide Quality Assurance services (from the core development team) has been demonstrated to promote more accountability and result in better overall quality of the product. Youteam leverages the knowledge of its QA partners in implementing the most relevant testing methodologies and test cases to thoroughly screen for inconspicuous bugs, which may be missed by inexperienced or internal quality checkers.

Furthermore, engaging an external QA partner means that the Client (Project Owner & Product Managers) can receive honest feedback about whether the quality and productivity of the development component is acceptable. In the case that there is room for improvement, feedback from our QA partners will be provided to the development teams. This in turn, will results in a continuous improvement loop of our R&D partner organisations (software development houses) forming.

Another factor worth considering is that collaborating with an additional / external company will introduce new ideas and perspectives. QA testers are encouraged to post their new ideas and as Product Managers and Product Owners we can pick and choose which ideas to implement as part of the next release. We have found that this often leads to greater usability of the resulting product.

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