Product Development


We invested over two years continuously improving our outsourced software product development services and methodology. The result is YouTeam’s proprietary project management model, which combines lean approach with product co-ownership and live control over the development process. In fact, it’s even more agile than the classic lean startup practice.

Also learn how we assemble your dedicated team in 24 hours


Defining the MVP

1 to 2 weeks. What to cut and what to leave? Minimum viable product is always tricky. At this stage, we help to find the golden mean that validates your idea at a minimum time and cost. The deliverables of this stage are the map of your product, the interactive wireframes prototype and a product vision document with a detailed scope of work.



2 to 10 weeks. Our digital product development company adheres to user-centered logic. That is why the first thing we produce is a full-fledged interactive look-and-feel prototype. Then we test and update it until user experience becomes truly intuitive. We also usually run extensive founder/team workshops at this stage.



4 to 10 weeks. Continuous outsourced software deployment and Kanban project management methodology allow us to update your beta as quickly as possible based on the market feedback you gather. We also help to set the right KPI tracking system. You have live control over the process via Jira or Trello. All work is done on Time & Materials basis - so you only pay for what has been actually done.


Market Fit
Product Market Fit

After you get the user traction, the business development focus shifts to marketing. While you work with the audience metrics, we continue to build your product - to let you exploit the success and, for the more demanding users, to polish the final result.



YouTeam stays with you as long as you need it. We scale the dedicated team of your project to the required size within 1-3 weeks. Alternatively, the work is smoothly handed over to your in-house team – all the documentation being gradually prepared for this since the first day. We can also help you to raise funds using our vast network of VC connections.