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Web solutions for startups, corporations, and governments. We are advocates of transparent Agile processes and looking for customers with competence is as high as ours. At the moment we have 60+ in-house developers working at WIS.

Our team is experienced in timely delivery of MVPs, start-ups, fully loaded banking systems, gambling engines, government projects, SaaS and online games.

Our favorite technology stack includes Python/Django and Angular, responsive and adaptive layout. We build high-loaded and complex systems taking full advantage of this stack.

We have a great amount of ready-to-use solutions that allow us to reduce solving time in most of the tasks. Moreover, if you need a platform or a framework that’s not on the list of our expertise we can discuss the possibility of creating a hand-picked team in the shortest time possible to deliver that project to you in case we see potential in it.
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Eugene Kubesh, CTO
Eugene Kubesh

AngularJS Evangelist. The partner of Google Developers Group. Customer-oriented front end UI hero for your project. 10+ years experience in tough and complex web-development. DevOps and Agile-oriented frontend developer.

Igor Vulfovich, CEO
Igor Vulfovich

17 years in the IT business. Started as a developer of highly loaded servers in 00-ies. Now is an IT entrepreneur, mentor, founder of the private IT incubator, founder of several startups and the product development company.

Portfolio highlights


Jun `18 – Oct `18

4 months

Deal Central

Deals and coupons aggregator that allows managing deals, stores, coupons and prize drawings. In order to submit a deal, a user needs to paste the link to this product on an e-commerce website. This platform helps users buy products on e-commerce websites at more competitive prices. All the product information is uploaded automatically with an option of manual data entry. The purpose of submitting a deal is to help users buy products on e-commerce websites at more competitive prices.


E-Commerce & Retail

Mar `18 – Jul `18

4 months

2018 FIFA World Cup Site Monitoring System

The World Cup Site Monitoring System tracked the new venues construction processes. The user-friendly interface provided the users with an easy-to-edit functionality to edit the relevant project data and get graphics to update in real time. The system can also stream real-time videos feeds for each location.


Construction & Real estate

May `16 – Jun `16

1 month


Multiplayer chess gambling game with Bitcoin payment processing. The functionality includes signup via email or Facebook with the capability of editing the user info (name, last name, e-mail) and picking an avatar.The user can deposit or withdraw earnings. There's a free bet mode without betting or any time limits. A built-in chat provides for the communication of the players during the game. Players can create game rooms with certain parameters as well as join the existing rooms.


Entertainment & Games

Dec `18 – Feb `19

2 months


Multi-user admin panel for video processing servers. The system is a Single-Page Application in Russian and English. User authorization and registration are carried out by the admin. The admin panel allows to pull the servers list with brief info, saved graphs, database current status and license details with the capability of further editing the data.  The admin panel also has a built-in reporting and notification.


Photo & Video

Mar `19 – Present

9 months


OS images customization system for single-board computers. The system allows creating an OS image to solve a specific task based on Raspbian, Devuan, Ubuntu, and Alpine.

Aug `18 – Present

1 year

HR Processes Automation (RocketChat Customisation)

HR processes automation in Rocket.Chat corporate messenger and its Hubot bot: * Hubot sends birthday reminders to company staff, birthdays congratulations, creates private channels for gifts discussions; * staff members can apply for vacation via Hubot making the process more transparent since all the applications are sent via a private channel where all the people in charge are (HR specialists, tech leaders, etc.) so that they can approve or decline the applications in this channel.



Jun `18 – Present

1 year


Recruiting platform that enables young users to record short videos in order to present themselves to the potential employers instead of writing cover letters. These motivational videos can be integrated into existing HR systems so that bigger companies don’t have to use another software.


Human Resources & Career

Jul `17 – Oct `17

3 months


A website in Python/Django for the largest producer of sugars in Canada with multiple criteria search engine. The site has CMS-like components: Stock & Dividend, Earnings Releases, Add to Calendar, and Job Opportunities


E-Commerce & Retail

Oct `15 – Jun `16

8 months


An analytical platform that combines data from various Internet statistics systems including behavioral data, PPC, SEO. The platform has a crawler that controls work processes on the website. It’s a complex tool for web marketing.


Advertising & Marketing



Zachary Thacher, Principal at Thacher Interactive LLC

My digital agency in New York has been working with WIS for many years, and we look forward to many more years together. They're developers provide good programming services at a fair price. They respond to emails fairly quickly, billing is always fair and it's generally very easy to work with them.

Zachary Thacher, Principal at Thacher Interactive LLC

Guy Romm, Owner at  Web GMA R&D Ltd

We have cooperated with WIS working on a high-load gaming project. We appreciate the team’s professionalism and readiness to work hard, its high-quality code and possibility to extend the team when deadlines require.

Guy Romm, Owner at Web GMA R&D Ltd

Thomas Paucker, Managing Director at JobUFO GmbH

We have been working with WIS Software on a back-end direction for almost a year now. Our project has considerably grown through this time, which allowed additional investment. That hardly would have been possible without strong and reliable technical support - the backbone of every project.

Thomas Paucker, Managing Director at JobUFO GmbH

Kostas Voudouris, CEO and Founder at ISOmer

I have been working with the WIS team for over 2 years, and I'm very satisfied with their work ethic and skills in Rails and Angular. WIS has great resources that they allocate to this very complicated project when needed.

Kostas Voudouris, CEO and Founder at ISOmer

Narjeet Soni, CEO at Lean Apps GmbH

I love working with these guys. The whole project was delivered with good quality. They also adjusted to small changes requested outside the original scope.

Narjeet Soni, CEO at Lean Apps GmbH