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Working with numerous startups and enterprise companies, helping them with product development and using our expertise we play an important role in their ideas by letting them focus on more important stuff while growing their business.

We have been building end-to-end systems for the last 10 years in various industries with the main focus on finance, healthcare, and hospitality. Their trust set us to 93% customer return rate and an average partnership duration of 2,5 years.
Web Factory LLC
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Key people


Mihaylo Shteryov, CEO, Co-Founder
Mihaylo Shteryov
CEO, Co-Founder

11 years experience in the IT sector as IT Manager in one embassy in Macedonia, Telecommunication Engineer for a contractor company of the VIP carrier in Macedonia, which is a member of A1 Telekom Austria Group and Business Development as a Chief Executive Officer in WebFactory LLC, which is a software & product development company.

Todor Panev, Business Development, Co-Founder
Todor Panev
Business Development, Co-Founder

Experienced in multiple technologies which most of the experience, 7+ years, goes to mobile (Android), back-end (Ruby on Rails) with dozen of projects completed/published and front-end (SPA, Angular 2,4). Always diligent to his work and team, vast in management skills and leading others. Co-Founder @ Web Factory included in various processes and responsibilities like bussines development, product development, R&D and programing.

Iliya Lalkovski, Tech Lead, Co-Founder
Iliya Lalkovski
Tech Lead, Co-Founder

A skilled iOS developer that have completed over 20 projects for a period of 5 years. He has a strong knowledge of the iOS framework. Acting as a tech lead on most of the projects. Last 2.5 years he was focused on backend development where he successfully completed several Ruby on Rails projects. Last year he is an Artificial Intelligence researcher focused on Deep Learning.

Stefan Traykovski, Business Development, Co-Founder
Stefan Traykovski
Business Development, Co-Founder

Award winning and a Mensa member, hard-working and highly proficient engineer with over 8 years of experience and genuine passion for architecting software solutions. By holding a Silver medal in the Macedonian Olympiad of Informatics, he possesses a extensive knowledge of algorithms, object oriented programming, MVC programming, and concurrent programming. Also, has a comprehensive experience working with Java EE, developing backend systems.

Portfolio highlights


Sep `16 – Present

3 years

Medical software system

Challenge: Solving a problem of modern-day Japan: lack of time. To build software that allows patients to have medical appointments via video call and receive treatment right away. Solution: Built end-to-end system solution with a mobile application for patients. The end-to-end system included web, auth and API applications. Results: Thousands of monthly users, the app exceeded expectations right from the start and now serves as the foundation for our client’s business model!


Healthcare & Medicine


Healthcare, Healthcare management system, Patient healthcare solution, complex healthcare medical solution for hospital administration, with implemented complex calendar for doctors and for patients, Healthcare platform

Oct `18 – Present

1 year



The options banks previously had were restrictive, time-consuming and not very user-friendly. The solution we’ve created is the exact opposite of that. It’s not just a cash management app - it’s a custom-built platform that collects and analyzes data with mindblowing efficiency to provide users with the best investment opportunities in real-time. Or put most simply, Amazon for SME investments!


Banking & Finance


Financial data management system, Financial Monitoring System

Dec `16 – Present

3 years

Spherecal Inc. USA


An application developed to help users feel a unique experience that’s curated by the masterminds toiling away in the hot kitchens of their cool restaurants - the Chefs. As a user you can snag the tables by buying a ticket that covers your food and waltz right in.


Food & Drink


Application for restaurant reservations, Software product for ordering vouchers for events, Event management platform

Dec `15 – Sep `16

9 months


Macedonia 2025

The Macedonia2025 application allows you to get in touch with the organization and keeps you informed about the upcoming events from the independent, nongovernment think-and-do-tank that was founded by Macedonians in the diaspora. Macedonia2025 has a global outreach in its activities, primarily aimed at bringing Macedonia closer to investors from around the world and connecting the Macedonian diaspora to the investment opportunities in the country.


Business & Productivity


Event management platform

Aug `18 – Dec `18

4 months

The Final Frontier games

Pledge Wizard

Online shop for after Kickstarter campaign orders. All Kickstarted campaign end at some point, but companies want to continue with the sales of the product or some additional features, this platform offer to do so. Full solution for backers based on broadleaf framework. Online shop, shipping, admin panel, auto user registration, DB import/exports, countries separation etc


E-Commerce & Retail, Advertising & Marketing, Shopping & Loyalty programs, Service & Support


eCommerce web platform

May `14 – Mar `15

10 months


Live preview camera app which allows the user to create funny photos by applying diversity of facial stickers. It was developed for both iOS and Android platforms, the main challenges being the implementation of facial recognition for all orientations, application of stickers when multiple faces present, processing and optimization of images and creation of custom gallery. The effects/stickers are being stored and downloaded from Parse. Ridicolo has in-app-purchases implemented.


Entertainment & Games


Face recognition systems

Apr `19 – Dec `19

8 months

IoT, Smart Office with Shelly

Our new office didn't have any office automation build into it for heating and cooling. Solution: We had 3 main different IoT devices - Inside the wall, we mounted 50+ MQTT - In every room, an IR reader and repeater that control the AC units. - In every room, a temperature sensor that reports the temperature regularly during the day to the backend server Non-open-source ready-made backend solution was used (for e.x. like OpenHAB). They were lacking in multi-user, multi-room support.


Internet of Things


IoT Application

Jan `19 – Present

11 months

Final Frontier

Cavern gems

Match 3 Game based on the Final Frontiers board-games Cavern Tavern and Rise to nobility.


Entertainment & Games



Mar `14 – Dec `14

9 months

Bunduru Inc.


This application is a turn-based quiz game consisting of several rounds during one game. The purpose of the game is for the players to answer questions from 10 different categories (previously uploaded on server) by placing a pin on an offline map. The winner is decided based on the distance from the correct answer (e.g., placing a pin in Germany when the answer is in fact the US will result in roughly 5,000km).


Entertainment & Games


mobile games, 2D game, Game

May `18 – Jul `18

2 months


VR gallery application for 3D photos https://stereogramr.com/


Photo & Video


VR application



Nick Smith, Founder, CEO @ Spherecal Inc.

When you hire WebFactory you get the brain power of the entire team. They have amassed a pool of talented developers with the curiosity and drive necessary to stay on top of the newest technology and ahead of the game. Don’t hesitate or they’ll be snatched up by someone else.

Nick Smith, Founder, CEO @ Spherecal Inc.

Fritz Mikio Kuribayashi, CEO, Ignis America, USA

Provides one-stop service for developing applications for iOS & Android platforms with Server-side development as well. Highly flexible on changes during the project, open to discuss on things that I wasn't sure and needed someone's opinion. Highly committed to due-date which was really satisfying.

Fritz Mikio Kuribayashi, CEO, Ignis America, USA

Andrew Peek, COO @ Vox Pop Labs

The Web Factory team is committed to developing important mobile technologies while executing with the utmost integrity and collaboration. They are a pleasure to work with, excel at communication within the scope of a project, and will go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure success.

Andrew Peek, COO @ Vox Pop Labs

Benjamin Rauser, Founder @ Bunduru Inc.

The team of Web Factory is a great ally to have when building an application. They are solution-driven, highly-skilled developers and have an exceptional way of communicating with customers. 100% recommendation to anyone who wants to build an application, even very complex projects.

Benjamin Rauser, Founder @ Bunduru Inc.

James, CEO @ Miinu

We've been working with Web Factory for multiple projects and their work is always executed professionally and it's highly satisfying. We'd always recommend them to any other clients!

James, CEO @ Miinu

Certificates & Awards


VIP 2nd Place for Best Android App, Macedonia
International Olympiad in Informatics silver medal
International Olympiad in Informatics bronze medal