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We’re developing a Native Mobile App for multi-country Internet store and provide support for more than hundreds of thousands of monthly active users who attend the app on a daily usage with a team of 6 Engineers. It makes the mobile shopping fun and interesting. With its help, one may buy different types of products with one click.


Smart Home System

We're building a smart home cloud-based system on the AWS infrastructure. Adomi collects data from sensors in the home and gives users control over different devices. Users of the Adomi system can use the wall switch app, mobile app, as well as Alexa to interact with the smart home.


Construction & Real estate, Internet of Things


Amazon services, Android Apps, Cloud-based smart building management system, smart-home system, Chatbot, Cloud System

Feb `17 – Present

2 years

Mobile Tornado

Mobile Tornado

The IPRS Team Organizer (Team Organizer) is a web portal that provides you with the facility of adding and managing Resellers, Organizations, Users (Subscribers) and Groups to the IPRS service.



Waldo Vanderhaeghen, Product Manager at Lesara

Our cooperation was successful because of the balance between quick turnaround and ensuring high quality in every feature. Temy developers were fully integrated with the Lesara team. It enabled flexibility and clear communication.

Waldo Vanderhaeghen, Product Manager at Lesara

Tal Yaniv, VP R&D at Reali

The augmented teams are professional and always deliver on time. Temy provides personable service and successful recruits top-notch resources. Customers can expect competitive prices.

Tal Yaniv, VP R&D at Reali

Steven Luplow, VP of Software Development at Absio

There are definite advantages of working with medium-sized companies like Temy. When we need to add new resources, we get the answer right away. There is no bureaucracy that typically comes with a larger company.

Steven Luplow, VP of Software Development at Absio