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Qubstudio is a Top UX/UI Design Studio, providing a wide range of digital services from research and product strategy, through UX/UI design to implementation, to clients worldwide.

Company tagline is “Design that works”, which we keep in mind while working on each project. Clients don’t come to us just for pretty design — we are working on solving their business problems, and this is the way we build and keep meaningful business relationships.

Our biggest asset is our team — highly-qualified creative professionals, working on a wide range of design and development.

Our work approach is incorporated into a code of rules, which helps us to achieve what our customers expect: creative and effective design solutions.
Selected projects


Key people


Lyubomyr Koval, Founder
Lyubomyr Koval

Having founded design agency 10 years ago, Lyubomyr has a massive experience in developing strategies and leading design teams. As a Founder of Qubstudio, he focused on building a self-motivated and highly professional team that is passionate about design that works.

Victor Fedyuk, Creative Director / Co-Founder
Victor Fedyuk
Creative Director / Co-Founder

As a creative director and agency cofounder, Victor is the creative mind behind some of the most recognized Qubstudio projects. With a wide spectrum of interests starting with graphic design and lettering, all the way to marketing and business performance, Victor is always coming with creative strategies and distinct branding ideas.

Nadia Lushchak, CEO
Nadia Lushchak

For 5 years, as a Project Manager, Nadia has successfully delivered over 30 projects, along the way getting her Ph.D. For now, Nadia is the CEO at Qubstudio, where she successfully plans and oversees company strategy implementation.

Den Sliusarchuk, LEAD UX/UI DESIGNER
Den Sliusarchuk

Den is product designer and one of top UX designers at QubStudio with 5 years of experience in UX design and more than 7 years in project management and marketing. Business education allows Den to better understand users and business needs and create thought through product.

Portfolio highlights



MyLoqta — an e-commerce platform for those who define a quality as a first prerogative. It designed to help individuals and small business sell pre-owned and new items online. It aims to simplify buying, selling and delivering an experience. As the design partner of the startup, Qubstudio design team helped MyLoqta to define and ideate MVP. Qubstudio applied a human-centered approach to deliver intuitive and seamless user experience and archetype-based brand strategy.


E-Commerce & Retail


E-commerce platform

Klip app

A cutting-edge redesign for Klip — Finland based social startup intended to steal user's hearts with a brand new trendy look & feel and extended feature-set. Qubstudio performed an in-depth product redesign based on users analytics and research which was also applied to the digital brand representation.


Social Media & Communication

Banker Advisor

Financial startup - Searching system for investment banking and merger & acquisition advisory services. Users can find the needed bank, that has experience working with clients from the needed field. An efficient design expertise for a first comprehensive review service for Banker Advisor — an investment banking and M&A advisory. Qubstudio team works closely with a client team on creating a consistent look & feel for their digital Fintech product and brand new visual identity.


Banking & Finance


PLVision is a European provider of software engineering services in Computer Networking and Internet of Things domains. They have been providing top-notch tech solutions for Fortune 100 companies since 2007. We wanted to use what we already knew and created during branding stage to rethink company digital presence and created a brand new website, which would represent and strengthen company image and become a productive tool for all marketing efforts.


Information services & Technologies



Olga Kondratiuk, PR Manager, Alfa Jazz Fest

QubStudio shows superior creativity and understanding of vision. After their contributions, app downloads and site traffic rose 3 times from the previous year and garnered positive feedback. The team at QubStudio communicates well and is reliable with quality of work and meeting deadlines.

Olga Kondratiuk, PR Manager, Alfa Jazz Fest

Myroslav Solonko, Founder at Dentconnect

One of their very strong points is the design component. We really liked the ideas they had from a design and user experience perspective. They are also very modern, and we got the impression that they are very good at keeping up with technological trends.

Myroslav Solonko, Founder at Dentconnect

Oleg Dats, Managing partner at TechMagic

Clients have enjoyed their partnership and collaboration with QubStudio. The team's organized project management structure, rapid delivery, and responsive communication style channeled their designer's creative energy in a productive and timely manner.

Oleg Dats, Managing partner at TechMagic

Certificates & Awards


Top Clutch Global Leader 2018
Top UX agency 2017
Top UX agency 2016