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In a world where data stores are growing faster than ever and managing that storage is getting ever more complex, Space Saver is here to make everything smaller so you have more room for the things that really matter.

Our revolutionary compression, mixed with industry standard encryption, makes Space Saver the perfect tool to lower server costs as well as keep client records safe. In addition to the limitless enterprise applications, Space Saver can be used on any device, so even your personal memory-clogged phones, laptops or tablets will be running like the day you got them.
Pied Piper (TEST)
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Richard Hendricks, CEO
Richard Hendricks

Richard is the Founder of Pied Piper, and after a brief hiatus, is once again CEO. Richard first moved to Silicon Valley to study computer science at Stanford. He left four credits shy of graduation to concentrate on his true passion: compressing data. He created Pied Piper to pursue that passion and bring his middle-out algorithm to all.

Dinesh Chugtai, Senior Programmer
Dinesh Chugtai
Senior Programmer

Over his career as a programmer, Dinesh has brought his talents to many promising startups. He briefly served as CEO of PiperChat, Pied Piper’s video chat offshoot. Following Hooli’s acquisition of PiperChat, Dinesh gracefully parted ways with the company and thinks it’s best not to talk about it too much anymore. Dinesh has also contributed to a pioneering image classification project at Periscope, scraping the internet of inappropriate content.

Bertram Gilfoyle, Senior Systems Architect
Bertram Gilfoyle
Senior Systems Architect

In 2011 Gilfoyle replaced the homepage of the Federal Reserve with the cover of Neil Gaiman’s Neverwhere (paperback edition). It took them a week to get it down. You’re welcome. He has played drums in various Toronto-area first-wave-DC-influenced hardcore, thrashcore, hatecore, corecore and corehard outfits under the name Strychnine McTwat.

Erlich Bachman, Majority Investor
Erlich Bachman
Majority Investor

Having conquered the worlds of app incubation (Palo Alto’s Hacker Hostel), casual same-sex dating (Grindr), tech journalism (Code/Rog), and first but not least social media aggregation and management software for commercial airlines (Aviato), Erlich has purchased a controlling stake in the ground-breaking compression company Pied Piper, which he himself incubated like the tiny, featherless, hydrocephalic preemie of a chick that it was up through its current pivot.

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Aug `17 – Present

1 year

Not Hotdog

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What would you say if I told you there is a app on the market that tell you if you have a hotdog or not a hotdog. It is very good and I do not want to work on it any more. You can hire someone else.


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iPhone app

Feb `18 – Nov `18

9 months

Space Saver

A middle-out compression solution making data storage problems smaller.


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Data compression platform



Gavin Belson, Founder & CEO at Hooli

It’s a promising compression company. We are currently "reviewing" the Pied Piper app for sale in our Hooli store.

Gavin Belson, Founder & CEO at Hooli

Nikita Voloshin, CTO at YouTeam

We have an ongoing engagement with Pied Piper. We now use them as a key partner for creating the most efficient encoding of our data.

Nikita Voloshin, CTO at YouTeam

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Finalist 2016