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Software development services for your growing business. As one of the top software development agencies, Onlinico has hands-on experience in quickly creating effective mobile applications for smartphones, tablets and wearable devices. We provide all things possible needed for your business - from native and cross-platform mobile applications to responsive websites. We keep tabs on the latest trends in mobile development, including mobile payments, location-based services, social media integration, augmented reality, really anything that may be applicable to boosting your business.
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James Tharpe, CEO
James Tharpe

James has experience from conception to sale in software development. Software is his world.

Andriy S'omak, COO
Andriy S'omak

Andriy is a Founder and COO of ONLINICO. Possesses a firm grasp of modern technologies and has a decent management experience.

Anastasiia Mazur, Account Manager
Anastasiia Mazur
Account Manager

Anastasiia is skilled in project management, business analysis, quality assurance and control. Currently tightly involved into customer engagement and pre-sales process.

Scott Adams, Chief Software Engineer
Scott Adams
Chief Software Engineer

Experienced Chief Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry. Strong engineering professional with a Bachelor of Science (BS) focused in Computer Science (CS) from Southern Polytechnic State University.

Portfolio highlights


Sep `16 – Feb `17

5 months

Alex Schneider, CEO & Owner at Life4Me+, Switzerland

The application allows patients to receive news about HIV infection and related diseases, events and people. The GPS navigator helps patient find a nearby hospital, clinic, or HIV community throughout the world. It helps to conveniently organize their medication intake timetable and set concealed and personalized reminders, get doctor's recommendations, and schedule doctor’s appointments or blood tests.


Healthcare & Medicine


Mobile applications

Mar `17 – Apr `17

1 month

Internal project


Web service for tracking time, which associated with the development of software. Manage the development process, including creation company account, project, assign a user to project like a team member and progress report using web service or mobile app.


Business & Productivity, Information services & Technologies


app for project management, Time tracker

Oct `15 – Feb `16

4 months

Internal project

IoT solution for exchanging contact information using iBeacon technology

An application for automatic exchange of companies or individuals contact details using the iBeacon technology and distribution of promotional materials of the companies within the exhibition stands areas. The application provides contact information related to nearby BLE transmitters, allows to bind data to transmitters. The application has been developed in 2 months and presented on the local IT conference.


Information services & Technologies


Advertising & contact exchange mobile application

Mar `18 – Jun `18

3 months

Tim Baldwin, FourThirtyAm, Phoenix, USA

Provides an easy way to collect and update clients’ data using the web interface, stores these data into Redtail CRM. Was developed two sites: one for financial advisors and second for their clients. The first site provides the possibility to configure which data should be collected from clients. The second site provides clients with a bunch of forms for filling. Currently, the system is integrated with Redtail CRM: authentication and data scope.


E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance, Advertising & Marketing, Insurance & Risk Management


business web app

Aug `17 – Aug `18

1 year

Shauki Elassaad, Founder & CEO of In-Depth, Inc., San Francisco

AI-powered Software as a Service (SaaS) for Marketing and Sales. Onlinico developed web and iOS app with cloud and Salesforce integrations. iOS app was rewritten using Swift 3.4 and based on proven frameworks: Alamofire, Kingfisher, Charts, SalesforceSDK, PurchaseKit. The application included social networks integrations and in-app purchases. Web app was built on a modern, powerful web stack: React, Redux, and CSS-in-JS (styled-components) were used to build this Progressive Web App (PWA).


Business & Productivity, Data Science & Machine Learning


B2B platform, business web app, B2B mobile application

Tomas Baran

An iOS/IoT application for Philips Hue dynamic light animations. This animated lights app was designed for Philips Hue smart bulbs to provide a collection of handcrafted animated scenes. The app allows you to connect to smart lamps and apply different light scenes. A user could choose the desired scene right from their iPhone and enjoy the beauty of light. The project required us to work with the Philips Hue SDK.


Architecture & Design, Entertainment & Games, Arts & Culture, Home & Garden


Mobile iOS application, IoT Application



Alex Schneider, CEO & Owner at Life4Me+

My project became realistic only because of ONLINICO. The team is very professional anddo its job in time. The continually support of ONLINICO helps to do your project perfect.

Alex Schneider, CEO & Owner at Life4Me+

Jason Sirotin, COO\CMO at Brain Bytes Creative

I could not ask for a better more skilled partner. The team at ONLINICO is as passionate about client success as we are and that is rare. The project management team keeps us looped in at all times which makes what we do less stressful allowing us to focus on our tasks and create winning results.

Jason Sirotin, COO\CMO at Brain Bytes Creative

Tomas Baran, Founder, Animation Mobile Application

I’ve been working with outsourcing remote teams for a few years but ONLINICO is special - due to their high professionalism in every part of the work - quality, communication, satisfaction of the client… Recommend a lot!

Tomas Baran, Founder, Animation Mobile Application

Shauki Elassaad, Founder & CEO of In-Depth, Inc

Onlinico's team conducted themselves in an honest and professional way through out the course of development. Their communication about the tasks, time estimates, and any changes that could develop in clear way.

Shauki Elassaad, Founder & CEO of In-Depth, Inc


My project became realistic only because of ONLINICO. The team is very professional and do its job in time. The continually support of ONLINICO helps to do your project perfect.


Aleksandr Tischenko, Founder & VP Development of Lamantine Software a.s

We, at Lamantine Software a.s., would like to say thanks to Onlinico for software development services. It was a project with a tight development schedule and their team was new to our code and business requirements. We spent several months working closely and our teams communicated very well.

Aleksandr Tischenko, Founder & VP Development of Lamantine Software a.s