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CONTACT is a rapidly growing provider of dedicated remote development teams and IT outsourcing solutions for any scale businesses. Our team consists of talented and experienced team players which gives us an exceptional opportunity for immediate adjusting to the new project environment and effectively solve project and business needs.

We are 30+ specialists with a rich technical background in delivering digital solutions for a wide variety of domains.
Our Stack Technologies are, but not limited to:
- Front-end: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Angular, React;
- Back-end: .NET/.NET Core with ASP.NET and Entity Framework, PHP (Laravel, Yii2), Node.js, Ruby (Ruby on Rails);
- Mobile: React Native
- User Interface and User Experience Design;
- Quality Assurance and Control;
- Project Management. aims at digitalizing your business processes, solving your relevant problems, crafting meaningful stories, and producing the work we’re proud to showcase.
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Yuriy Kaminovskyy, Co-Founder and Head Of Talent Acquisition
Yuriy Kaminovskyy
Co-Founder and Head Of Talent Acquisition

I am the Co-Founder and Head Of Talent Acquisition. My goal is to satisfy both customers' needs and create proper conditions for productive developers' work

Volodymyr Kaminovskyy, Co-Founder and CEO
Volodymyr Kaminovskyy
Co-Founder and CEO

I'm CEO with a huge technical background as Full-Stack .Net developer. My main goal is to meet your expectations, find the proper solution for your project and provide the work we'll be proud of

Portfolio highlights


May `18 – Apr `19

11 months

Transport Management System

TMS for USA Motor Carrier & Trucking Company. The company provides a full array of TL and LTL services in dry, van and refrigerated and flatbed containers. As an All-In-One Software, the TMS is aggregating different blocks: Safety, Dispatch, Maintenance, that’s why for application architecture, was applied the micro-services approach. Every service is created on .Net Core 2. and for each such block was developed RESTful services, which can then be merged with a single UI interface in Angular 5


Logistics & Transportation

Nov `17 – Apr `18

5 months

Platform for Online Bus Ticket Booking Service

This web platform was developed from scratch and it gives the possibility to buy bus tickets with just a few simple steps - choose the dates, trip destination, add personal details. Customers can book One-way/Return tickets. Admins are free to set discounts for round trips. Using an interactive seat map clients can select the seats they like by simply clicking the icons.


Logistics & Transportation, Travel & Tourism


Online travel booking service, Booking platform

Jul `19 – Present

5 months

E-commerce platform for retail shops

The application is an e-commerce platform that works for different shops.The development team is working from 3 different countries:Finland,Belarus and Ukraine.The main aim of this project is to develop the platform for large retail shops.This application represents Rails,JS that works via API with the Back-End.The Back-End part is being developed by the Finland team,while the other team is developing this application as well as the Core application that also works with the Back-End via API.


E-Commerce & Retail


E-Commarce solution

Sep `18 – Dec `18

3 months


Management system for clients of drugstore chain

Creating the management system for the drugstore chain clients. This system creates and sends reminders for clients about various promotions, drugs purchasing needs, analyzes previous purchases, bonuses that the client has in his account, synchronizes with other databases. The customer receives notifications via SMS with Twillio, email via Sendgrid


Healthcare & Medicine

Dec `18 – Present

1 year


Realtime Analytics Module for Retail Management System

The goal of the WEB system is to provide realtime information about purchases and visitors for the huge supermarket network. System can: * Create reports about number of visitors * Calculate amount of corrections, annulations and return in receipts * Monitor fulness of supermarket shelves * Provide audit information

Aug `18 – Mar `19

7 months


Biggest Vehicle Marketplace Online

This project was to redesign the Vehicle Marketplace Platform to a new more powerful platform. The main challenge was to build server architecture to withstand the load of 1,000,000 users every day. Developed a WordPress site as a part of the main Vehicle Marketplace Platform where the user can buy or sell any type of vehicle by the specific filters and migrate all data from the old website to make users feel like they are continuing using the same web platform.


Logistics & Transportation


Car rentals web site/ platform

Jan `19 – Apr `19

3 months

Develop MVP for Stock data aggregation web platform

Main task was to create MVP for Stock data aggregation web platform, which aggregates stock data from a variety of services and displays them in a user-friendly state.

Apr `19 – Present

8 months

The Insurance Web Platform

Shyft is the first Caribbean’s comparison website for insurance quotes. Our task on this project is to create a web platform that simplifies the process of buying any insurance types. The main goal is to have a platform as simple as ABC where users just with a couple of clicks receive the list of insurances that match their needs. The main challenge in this project was to build a dynamic platform where the set of questions and rules could be easily managed without any changes in the code.


Insurance & Risk Management

Apr `19 – Jul `19

3 months


SaaS utility for Team Process Map Generation

The project aims at creating a tool where team processes are depicted in an easy and interactive way based on a data-driven approach and simplify stakeholder’s collaboration on each project regardless of how complex it is.

May `19 – Aug `19

3 months

Web and cross-platform mobile app for light equipment rental services

Our team is developing web and mobile apps for the famous Ukrainian company that provides light equipment rental services. The main purpose of this app is to track the equipment inventory in stock and its movements. We aimed at creating software that strictly controls and tracks the equipment movements, its dynamics, and statistics. This software helps to control the loss of the equipment and gives workers more responsibilities for the proper usage and control of the equipment.


Electronics & Equipment, Entertainment


Cross-platform mobile app, Mobile/web application for Android/iOS-based devices



Ivan Nordgaimer, COO, Bytebrand Outsourcing AG

The team has proven to be a reliable partner.’s developers demonstrate technical expertise that consistently yields high-quality work in WordPress and PHP. Professional, adaptive, and diligent, they receive feedback well and grasp needs quickly, enabling seamless collaboration.

Ivan Nordgaimer, COO, Bytebrand Outsourcing AG

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