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Palo Alto / USA, Monterrey/Mexico, Indonesia
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We are a Silicon Valley company, located both in the San Francisco Bay Area and in Latin America. We have solid technology experience from Stanford, Oracle, PayPal, eBay, well versed in fullstack web and mobile development with active Research into Artificial Intelligence.
Jonajo Consulting LLC
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Key people


Kristian Widjaja, CEO
Kristian Widjaja

Silicon Valley veteran. Masters of Science in Computer Science from Stanford University. Extensive knowledge of web applications, databases, development best practices, and scrum methodologies.

Yuliany Halim, Chief Strategy Officer
Yuliany Halim
Chief Strategy Officer

MBA, with a keen sense of business strategy, specializing in new ventures and real estate.

Portfolio highlights


Mar `19 – Present

9 months


A rent estimation service where landlords and tenants can find out what is a fair rent for room. This is a quick and easy way to find out market rents without having to browse through many listings.

Jan `19 – Present

11 months

Juroku Musashi

Juroku Musashi is a forgotten Japanese board game from the Edo Era (1603-1868). This fun and challenging game full of strategy and competition, has been enjoyed around the world for centuries. The rules of Juroku Musashi are simple, two players are battling to dominate the board.


Entertainment & Games, Games

Jul `16 – Sep `18

2 years

Ocean Freight Exchange

We redesigned their website and web/mobile app user experience. Based on UX/UI best practices, we designed and developed new functionalities to ultimately offer a better service and provide real-time information that is required by the global freight shipping market.

Nov `18 – Present

1 year


We developed a skill for Alexa that allows users to find out televised soccer match information. It does so by referencing a data source with soccer match and TV station information, and then sharing this information to the user through Alexa.

Aug `18 – Aug `18

Simply Bits

We created a 3D human anatomy model app that enables users to choose between the different anatomy layers and annotate over the model. The app allows the users to rotate and zoom in or out.

Jan `18 – Dec `18

11 months


We applied UX best practices to add new features and improve web app performance.

May `19 – Dec `19

7 months


Is a platform that helps recruiters match top candidates with top companies. The scope included the design of two homepages each focused on different users needs, and a web apps for recruiters, admins, and employers to help them create engagements.

May `19 – Dec `19

7 months

Live Bart

We designed and developed an iPhone and Apple Watch app that provides real-time train information for people traveling within the San Francisco bay area. The creation resulted in an app that helps users plan their trip in the most efficient way while avoiding crowded trains.

May `19 – Dec `19

7 months

Virtual Assistants Today

We analyzed the current website for opportunities to improve visual appeal as well as user experience. We created new landing pages and improved the entire website with better SEO, and SEM-friendly designs. We added new service offerings.

May `19 – Dec `19

7 months


We created the concept of virtual card-sharing to be used on the iOS platform. We applied design thinking best practices to create a product that is useful and easy to use. We sketched the idea and developed it to deliver a new app on the app store.