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Dnipro/Ukraine, Zaporizhia/Ukraine, Zurich/Switzerland
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We are a full-service web, software, and mobile application development company. We are a professional team whose goal is to develop solutions for your business or personal use.
Our team consists of high-level experts with strong development experience. This allows us to provide guaranty of completing any development tasks straight in time
Incode Group
Key people


Oleh Meleshko, CEO
Oleh Meleshko

I founded Incode Group because I wanted to bring creativity back into coding. With a team of like-minded professionals, I created an environment where new ideas are encouraged and diligent work is rewarded. As the CEO, I’m responsible for strategic planning and the overall growth of my team as professionals. We are a team of talented developers, analysts, and designers looking to push the boundaries of technology and enrich our experience in doing so.

Aleksander Kazantsev, CTO
Aleksander Kazantsev

Since my own technical skills are quite broad, it only made sense for me to take the position of CTO, creating and maintaining all of Incode Group’s strategy, architecture, and technical capabilities. Working in this position, I use my innate passion for the tech to motivate our engineers into learning new things and chart a course for Incode Group to take. I’m certain that using the latest technologies is essential in the IT industry and good planning is worth more than crunch-time.