Kiev/Ukraine, Calgary/Canada
64 Projects completed
We are one of the Leading Custom Solutions Development Companies, mostly acting in Digital Health, eLearning and Fintech business domains. Since 2006 we enriched our expertise, having delivered 140 projects of different scale with budgets ranging from $5k to $2mln.

The distribution of our clients covers 11 countries, including the US, Canada, Australia, the UK, Germany, France, the Netherlands, Denmark, and Belgium.

The Project Team consists of High Profile PMs/BAs with the overall experience in IT industry from 4 to 15 years, Medium and Senior level Software Engineers and QA Specialists. In addition, we have the DevOps Engineer with deep experience in Cloud Computing and Server Infrastructure Set Up and Maintenance. Our in-house Graphic Designer helps with any UX/UI issues.
Selected projects


Key people


Vadym Karpenko, CEO
Vadym Karpenko

Vadym started his IT career path in 2004 and went through many roles: Business Analyst, Software Engineer, Project and Product manager. In 2006 he founded Gera-IT. Vadym is also passionate about studying new tech frameworks and exploring meditative practices for concentration. His credo is - Constant Evolution as Personality and a Professional.

Evgeniy Solovyov, CTO
Evgeniy Solovyov

He leads projects from presales to successful delivery. Since 2002 he has been taking many positions: Software Engineer, Team Lead, Head of IT Department in a Banking Structure, Project and Product manager. Evgeniy managed and curated delivery of 20+ projects of different size and complexity, with the duration from 2 weeks to 2 years. He mixes natural creativity and experience with strong tech, managerial, economical and leadership skills.

Sergey Mykhailenko, CMO
Sergey Mykhailenko

Sergey has held many different managerial positions in IT industry since 2007. He worked for such big names as Thomas Cook, Ciklum, Noosphere Ventures and has extensive knowledge in Business Development, Marketing, Project and Product management. Well experienced in Mass Media, Automotive, Green Energy, Online Dating and Payment Processing business domains. Sergey delivered more than 30 successful projects as a Project Manager.

Portfolio highlights


Dec `14 – Oct `15

10 months


Online learning platform for UK schools to teach kids english language (alphabet, etc). ReadingWise is a literacy solution for the 20% who struggle to read. Using a range of educational and psychological techniques to significantly boost reading ages, ReadingWise English is suitable for both children and adults and helps everyone from below-average readers to those with special educational needs.


Education & Science

Apr `16 – Jun `16

2 months


Test Case Lab is a web tool made by developers and QA engineers for QA engineers. Test Case Management Easily create your test cases and group them into specific categories Define the types of cases Set different tags and priorities Search by name, description and tags View edit history Edit test cases directly on view page Teamwork: real-time synchronisation, locking objects which are being edited by another user


Information services & Technologies

May `16 – Sep `16

4 months


SchoolHire advertises facilities across the UK that are available for hire. Whether you are looking for a swimming pool for a birthday party, football pitch for your local team, classroom for your business or dance studio for your clients, SchoolHire will find you the facility you require.


Construction & Real estate

Oct `15 – Mar `16

5 months


Full-cycle software and hardware solution for coworking center, including integration with payment processing platform and hardware access system. -Access system, based on RFID/NFC hardware to allow our end-customers to check in and check out using a card or a phone - Complex logic (system) of tracking and processing user sessions, billing and invoicing capabilities - Integration with Cobot platform -Wide customization and support of multiple coworking centers with own settings


Business & Productivity


Storyful was founded by journalists who wanted to curate the real-time web. In other words, to separate the useful news from the river of noise flowing through channels like Twitter and YouTube. The application has ability to aggregate various information resources for editing of a new article. Services: development, support.


News & Media


On-line platform for data feed marketing. This is a unique space where shop owners can collaborate with channels. With just single data feed, you are directly granted to many channels among comparison shopping sites, search engines, online marketplaces and affiliates networks.


Advertising & Marketing

Feb `15 – Jul `17

2 years


CallMD is non-emergency medical service, connecting users with a nationwide group of licensed physicians who can diagnose, treat and provide prescriptions for non-narcotic/non-DEA/non-state-controlled substances. CallMD takes great pride in providing the members with affordable access to healthcare professionals through unique telemedicine service.


Healthcare & Medicine



Bob Frady, CEO at HazardHub

We've really enjoyed working with the team at GERA-IT. We searched through dozens of companies before selecting GERA-IT, as the business model we wanted to put in place was a complicated mix of geography and data. We have been extremely pleased with the speed, inventiveness, and intelligence.

Bob Frady, CEO at HazardHub

Boz Kay, CTO at Readingwise

GeraIT develop in Ruby to a high standard, with a friendly and professional team of great communicators.

Boz Kay, CTO at Readingwise

Toby Benedyk, CTO at Propertyflock

We initially started working with Gera to provide us with temporary support to meet our development schedule. They were so impressive that we added more developers and have since become an integral part of our team. They are very easy to communicate with, friendly and eager to help.

Toby Benedyk, CTO at Propertyflock

David Nevies, Managing Director of SchoolHire

We have been working with Gera IT now for coming up to 2 years and the day I was introduced to Gera has been critical in the success of my business. The product they have built us is second to none and enabled us to take a position as the market leader in our sector.

David Nevies, Managing Director of SchoolHire

Matthew Lally, CEO of Pack Events LLC

I develop applications in Rails as well as mobile apps. Gera-IT have been supporting many of my projects since 2012. I've been very happy with their work, and I'd recommend them to anyone looking for a great overseas team.

Matthew Lally, CEO of Pack Events LLC