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We've been building customer software for our clients, partners and our own products since 2009. Our team includes experts in JavaScript, Python and Ruby plus engineers with AWS certification. From UX design, project management to development and delivery, we’ve got the complete life-cycle of your custom software, native app or webapp covered.

Our approach and dedication to agile, iterative development with complete transparency allows us to bring decades of combined experience to new startups and the fresh innovation of a small team to enterprise projects. Whether you're looking for a dedicated team to work within your company or for a partner to provide a complete solution, eTeam is ready to work with you.

American Entrepreneurship + Ukrainian Engineering = Great Software
eTeam Inc.
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Key people


Alex Menzheres, CTO
Alex Menzheres

Alex is our chief solution architect and is responsible for the technical design decisions on our projects. He has 15 years of experience in such programming languages as PHP, JavaScript, Python, and Ruby. Alex is an expert in APIs, Micro-service Architecture, and Information Security.

Sergii Shanin, CEO
Sergii Shanin

IT professional with 10+ years of experience, founder of eTeam and MBA student. My interests include staptups, product management, AI and Machine Learning.

Victor Grytsai, COO
Victor Grytsai

Victor has 10 years of experience working in the field of IT and Master's degree in Computer Science. Started career as a QA engineer and went through several career steps leading up to becoming a manager. Then he switched to Scrum Master activities passed both SM and PO certifications and finally became a co-founder of a company. He is eager to work on challenging projects which require project planning and management skills, analytical mindset, teamwork and involve new tools and approaches.

Portfolio highlights


Mar `15 – Sep `16

1 year

Cashtie - The easiest way to get paid in cash

Cashtie is a powerful web service that links retail cash payments to software applications. Any company, from billers to payment gateways can connect retail cash payments in real time to their application and software services with Cashtie. Some of the awards for this product: Best Cash Innovation 2014 (by Innovation Project) Best Problem Solver 2015 (by Pay Before Awards Europe) eTeam continue to support, extend and maintain this product.


E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance


RESTful APIs, Payment processor, Admin panel, Analytic reporting tool, Web Service, Responsive Web application

Jul `16 – Sep `16

2 months


Roost - Rent Storage Near You (acquired by Spacer)

Roost allows people to find and pay for storage and parking in major cities. Other people can earn extra cash from their unused storage areas or parking spaces. If you need space, just check what is available near you. We took their existing platform, migrated and modernized it to improve user experience. Our user test team ran thousands of scenarios to identify any user interface shortcomings. Congratulations to Roost for earning a place in 500 Startup Accelerator.


Construction & Real estate, Booking & Rent


Cross-platform mobile app, Booking platform, Web Service

Armatic - Modern AR Management Automation, Enablement & Insights from Proposal to Payment

Armatic allows businesses with accounts receivables to track the quality of their financial relationships with their clients. Like a credit score for businesses. It also automates follow up emails with late-paying clients. We are honored to have built their all inclusive billing platform with their CRM, automated follow up systems, and synchronization with existing accounting softwares. Armatic has been widely praised as one of the most effective softwares for increasing cash flow.


Banking & Finance, Accounting & Auditing


Analytic reporting tool, Web Service

Mar `18 – Present

1 year

Sapience - Automated & modern API security testing

Sapience is a SaaS platform that helps businesses to scan their public APIs for security vulnerabilities on a regular basis. eTeam professionals built this application from scratch - from design to production deployment. It's currently used by several enterprise clients and plenty of start-up businesses that value the security of their users.


Internet & Telecom, Safety & Security


Web Service, Security platform

Oct `16 – Dec `17

1 year

Taskware - Machine Learning Trained By Humans

Taskware has made it easy for developers and companies to dramatically expand their workforce and execute microtasks across various domains. Your new workforce will be fully managed employees who operate in our own offices ensuring high quality and security. Leverage Taskware RESTful API to create task execution that fit’s into your organization and workflows. We're always ready to customize your own endpoints based on your individual situation.


Business & Productivity, Information services & Technologies


RESTful APIs, Admin panel, Web Service

Sep `16 – Jun `17

9 months

Cience - Human intelligence and machine learning for improved prospecting

Cience reached out to eTeam with a request to create a comprehensive CRM and marketing automation platform for small to medium sized business. Companies who otherwise might not have the resources for dedicated marketing team can take advantage of Cience's automated data collection and machine learning. These tools allow SMBs to expand the scope of marketing campaigns as well as increase conversions. All through a user friendly platform which can do much of the work for them.


Business & Productivity, Advertising & Marketing


Application for data collection and integration, Admin panel, Web Service


Pay It Here - Pay your bills or load funds with cash

VanillaDirect Pay It Here is a simple solution for bill payment which allows you to use cash to pay bills for thousands of service providers.


E-Commerce & Retail, Banking & Finance


RESTful APIs, Payment processor, Admin panel, Analytic reporting tool, Web Service, Responsive Web application



Casey Griswold, Founder & CRO, Armatic Technologies

Thanks to eTeam’s involvement and success with the integrations, the product and service offerings now appeal to a greater market. Their skill in understanding customer needs and turning that into user-friendly solutions distinguishes them from other vendors.

Casey Griswold, Founder & CRO, Armatic Technologies

Andy Steuer, CEO, Helpware

The API was implemented smoothly and integrated well with another marketplace. The team is highly skilled and focused, driving the project forward effectively and providing outstanding service. Their project management is second to none with excellent leadership and communication.

Andy Steuer, CEO, Helpware

Certificates & Awards


Innovation Project 2014: Best Cash Innovation
Pay Before Awards: Must Have App
Pay Before Awards: Killer Technology
Pay Before Awards: Best Problem Solver
AWS Standard Consulting Partner