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We are a team of skilled full-stack developers, professional designers, and QA engineers. We always do our best to achieve outstanding results and build a win-win relationship with our Clients.
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Artem Degtyarev, CEO
Artem Degtyarev

I am the founder of Dunice IT company. The company started its work in 2012 so I am responsible for Dunice work for more than 6 years. Since the very beginning, our team has been creating high-quality, creative and innovative Web and mobile application. I am proud to say that our company has already successfully implemented over 300 projects and continues to grow.

Evgeny Pyatopal, COO
Evgeny Pyatopal

I am the Chief Operating Officer at Dunice company. The company that creates modern Web and mobile applications. I am responsible for the daily operation of our team and in charge of all the documentation and other important matters.

Inna Pipia, Head of development department
Inna Pipia
Head of development department

I am the head of development at IT company Dunice. I am responsible for all the projects implemented by my department and for negotiations concerning them. I am always there to help in solving any issues and answer all the questions. My department works with JavaScript and its frameworks

Nikolay Moiseenko, Head of development department
Nikolay Moiseenko
Head of development department

I’m a project manager and the head of development department at Dunice company. My department works on web and mobile applications using the following technologies: ✓ JavaScript / Angular / React.js / Vue.js / Node.js ✓ React-Native. In addition to project management skill, I also have more than 6 years of experience in the field of development. I have an expertise in all the technologies my department works with, so I’m able to solve all the issues that may come up during a project.

Artem Sapuga, Head of development department
Artem Sapuga
Head of development department

I’m the head of one of the biggest department of Dunice company. We have expertise in high range of technologies which include: ☑ JavaScript Node.js / Express.js / Angular / React.js / Vue.js ☑ Python Django / Flask ☑ MongoDB / Redis / CouchDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL ☑ React-Native / Ionic / Cordova ☑ Socket.io / AWS / TypeScript / Browser extensions / Scrappers and Crowlers / etc.

Mikhail Zheltoborodov, Head of development department
Mikhail Zheltoborodov
Head of development department

I am the head of PHP department of Dunice IT company. We work with: ☑ PHP ☑ Yii / Drupal / Wordpress / Laravel / Magento ☑ HTML / HTML5 / HAML ☑ CSS / CSS3 / LESS / SASS ☑ MongoDB / DynamoDB / MySQL / PostgreSQL / Redis

Alina Zheltoborodova, Head of Training and development department
Alina Zheltoborodova
Head of Training and development department

I’m a Head of a Training department of Dunice company. I have developed a training program for interns which help them to grow as developers and improve their skills. I’m also the head and project manager of a small though strong department of developers working with Node.js / React / React-Native. We help people to develop their business and increase profits with high-quality web and mobile applications.

Svetlana Malakhova, Head of development department
Svetlana Malakhova
Head of development department

I work at Dunnice company, I am the head of development department and the team lead. My department specializes in Ruby on Rails, React.js, and Node.js. We always try to achieve great results and provide our Clients with high-quality products.

Igor Kostyakov, CTO
Igor Kostyakov

I’m a Chief Technology Officer with 6 years of experience in different JS technologies and a deep understanding of it. Since I've started working in this field I've been instantly improving my skills and learning new technologies. This helped me to become a tech lead of one of the biggest departments in the strong IT company. Now I use my skills to help our Clients as well as developers, to understand the project, build architecture, and find the most efficient solution for each task.

Portfolio highlights


Oct `14 – Present

5 years



Our team developed a pilot version of the site for putting together business trips and solving any associated problems, whether it’s renting a home, hiring a car or ordering a taxi. We used Node / Angular / React technologies. We are now working on a support site that facilitates rapid responses to customer requests.


Business & Productivity


Online travel booking service, Booking app

Jun `17 – Present

2 years



The EdCast development team consists of several groups from different countries: Russia, America, India. Each team has its own direction in the development and area of responsibility. Our team is responsible for the admin part, groups, and channels, as well as an external API for synchronizing with other projects. We are engaged in both supporting, developing and implementing new design and FE functionality, and implementing the full logic of the work of individual components in the back-up.


Education & Science


E-learning Platform

Aug `18 – Nov `18

3 months



The Shypple project is based on popular CMS Wordpress 4.9.8. We add a theme based on HTML5Blank Theme (http://html5blank.com/). To implement some specific tasks we add proper widgets (for example Shypple Smart Tabs letting us combine slider and admin controls as tab-switches) with ability to edit data/content by means of admin panel. For more safety standard URL for admin panel was redefined, also for all the sites form reCaptcha was added.


Logistics & Transportation


transportations management application

Apr `15 – Present

4 years



For this project, our task was to port the current PHP site to Django / Python. We developed a new architecture and database structure, as well as the main functions of the application. These included: -the dynamic display of numbers; -optimization of the download speed of pages with lists of numbers; -integration with internal customer relationship management (CRM); -and the automatic sending of all API orders, bookings, and email alerts.il alerts.


Travel & Tourism


webservice for travel company, Online travel booking service

Jun `13 – Sep `13

3 months


All The Rooms

AllTheRooms.com is, quite simply, a booking site for all the rooms. The Dunice team worked on a support project for AllTheRooms.com. The task was to develop an application that collects information from large providers, such as Expedia, RoomKey.com, and hotwire.com, as well as a scraper for booking sites that do not have an API. The core technologies were CoffeeScript and NodeJS / PhantomJS / CasperJS.


Construction & Real estate


Booking app



Marcy Ewald, COO, AspireLabs

They're very easy to work with and polite. DUNICE’s high-level engineers reliably produce robust and clean code. Their level of skill at a competitive price point manifests in a valuable ROI. Transparent and responsive, they maintain a synergistic dynamic with the in-house team.

Marcy Ewald, COO, AspireLabs

Alexis Boshoff, CEO, Safari.com

They’ve given us exactly what we wanted and more. DUNICE delivered an outstanding website, bringing positive feedback from staff and users. The site is responsive and loads quickly. The team’s flexibility in the provision of resources is a valued asset.

Alexis Boshoff, CEO, Safari.com

Eliot Harper, CEO, AttributeValue

Their rigorous levels of testing and QA ensures they consistently deliver high–quality products. Their consistently exceptional results, immediate response times, and ability to quickly begin projects overshadow project management hurdles, and have resulted in overwhelmingly positive user feedback.

Eliot Harper, CEO, AttributeValue

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