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Cybersecurity, virtualization, cloud computing, SaaS development, Encryption as well as Machine Learning.
We have accumulated significant technical skills and knowledge base thus providing our clients a competitive advantage when outsourcing software development projects to us.
Blockchain smart contracts development, ML/DL/AI.
Over our history, we have organically grown adding new technology domains to the team expertise and yet maintaining the same engineering, quality, and project management standards. We build long-term relations with our clients and place great care in delivery and quality.
Apriorit is proud to possess expert programming skills in .NET development, C/C++, Phyton, C#, Obj-C, and other languages. Our expert knowledge in driver and kernel development domains, has been recognized by our clients and professional community.
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Key people


Dennis Turpitka, CEO
Dennis Turpitka

Charismatic business leader with strong desire and intention to improve the world, and, specifically, the software industry. Expert within Digital Security solution business design and development, Virtualization and Cloud Computing R&D projects, establishment and management of Software Research direction. Successful entrepreneur, who organized several security start-ups.

Maryna Prudka, R&D Delivery Manager
Maryna Prudka
R&D Delivery Manager

Delivery and Project Manager professional with the technical background, having 12 years of experience in development low-level and cybersecurity solutions. Helping clients to meet their business goals, building for them right development teams and setting up proper processed using best practices.

Anna Skumina, R&D Delivery Manager
Anna Skumina
R&D Delivery Manager

Account Manager for C++/Cyber Security/Virtualization/Data Protection and DataAnalysis Solutions Development at Apriorit

Portfolio highlights


Blockchain Technology for Winemaking: Fundraising and Authenticity Guarantee

The Apriorit team has worked with a winery startup on a smart contract ecosystem supporting two main goals: to get ICO funding and to implement a smart way to track and prove the authenticity of each bottle of produced craft wine. This full-cycle project centered around blockchain technology. It began with a high-level client vision and took about five months to research, detail, and implement.


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency



Pascal Vitoux, Senior VP of ASG

Some projects require very specific knowledge. Our collaboration with Apriorit, with their expertise in low-level system programming, is invaluable to us today. Projects requiring this kind of expertise are always redirected to this company.

Pascal Vitoux, Senior VP of ASG

Jianpeng Mo, Senior Director of Software Engineering, OPSWAT

Apriorit’s test builds were valuable tools for demonstration purposes, and their resources helped to speed up the development cycle and decrease the time to market. The team managed the project perfectly and impressed with their expertise in driver technology and cross-platform development.

Jianpeng Mo, Senior Director of Software Engineering, OPSWAT