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482solutions is one of the leading blockchain development companies in Europe and Asia. They have a deep technical expertise in the development of crypto-economic platforms, distributed protocols and applications (DApps) for business and governance. In addition, we have active projects in IoT and Robonomics.
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Roman Kravchenko, CEO
Roman Kravchenko

Roman Kravchenko is a co-founder and CEO of 482.solutions. He is an expert on Industrial Revolution 4.0 and the real evangelist of decentralization, focuses on the scientific and technological challenges of DLT, IoT, and robotics. Roman works in the field of R&D since 2010 and he is a contributor to the Linux Foundation Hyperledger project. He has already 50+ successful R&D projects.

Ivan Balashov, CFO
Ivan Balashov

Ivan Balashov is a blockchain enthusiast, co-founder and Chief Financial Officer of 482.solutions. Ivan is confident that technologies, especially blockchain, will change our daily routine. As a speaker of international conferences and forums, Ivan promotes innovations through a detailed disclosure of examples of the blockchain technology introduction in the real sector and its prospects in the scope of Industry 4.0.

Alex Ivanov, Chief R&D
Alex Ivanov
Chief R&D

Alex is an active member of the crypto community and blockchain advisor. He is an R&D expert in Blockchain-based projects, smart contracts development, security audit, IoT development. Alex’s professional interests are tools and methods for building business processes, projects with crypto-economy implementation, Blockchain, Internet of Things.

Alex Kryvoruchko, COO
Alex Kryvoruchko

Alexander Kryvoruchko - co-founder and COO of 482.solutions. Alexander is a technology expert who knows how to build an innovative business in stages. An engineer by training and a creator of business processes by vocation, Alexander is constantly developing in the technological direction, ensuring the correct construction of team actions for the successful implementation of the 482.solution global strategic plan.

Portfolio highlights


Apr `18 – Sep `19

1 year


Public Key Infrastructure protocol

Remme is constantly evolving to a much wider and complex solution relevant to cybersecurity, IoT connectivity, data integrity, digital copyright protection, transparency and so many more. Remme is constantly evolving to a much wider and complex solution relevant to cybersecurity, IoT connectivity, data integrity, digital copyright protection, transparency and so many more.


Internet & Telecom, Service & Support


Password-free biometric authentication system, Log Processing, biometric authentication and identity verification platform

Nov `19 – Dec `19

1 month


Infrastructure platform solution

ProximaX is a next-generation Integrated and Distributed Ledger Technology (“IaDLT”) infrastructure platform solution powered by blockchain technology. Solutions: Blockchain, storage, modeling, streaming, storage


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


software for cloud services, Cloud storage for private inventory, knowledge base about local businesses, Module-based knowledge sharing platform, File hosting service


Decentralized energy marketplace

The solution, which was developed on Hyperledger Fabric, allows participants to exchange electricity for digital assets. The system also provides the ability to perform accounting of generation and consumption of electricity. Hyperledger Fabric shows itself as a solution that integrates well into existing corporate information systems and IT management business processes. Solutions: Blockchain, exchange


Blockchain & Cryptocurrency


Cloud storage for private inventory, Trading System