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Pro-active remote partner selection, technical & legal due-diligence undertaken ahead of project commencement

Youteam has established a curated network of highly specialised engineering and design studios across continental Europe, alleviating the need for Founders to manage any of the recruitment process and associated formalities.

Partnering with these studios and utilising our combined resource availability signalling system enables us to anticipate when one of our several hundred carefully selected software developers, hardware engineers or UX/UI designers is finishing his or her current project.

The result is the assembly of a cross-functional team with the skills and expertise required on your project within one working day and your team being ready to commence work on your project within a fortnight.

Before qualifying for our curated network, partners must demonstrate compliance with all of our technical, organisational and legal requirements, which reduces riszks associated with:

  • Improperly screening remote outsourcing vendors
  • Hiring the wrong team
  • The legalities of working with remote partners, including IP ownership & handover
  • Managing a remote team, particularly when quality-related issues arise
  • Scaling the team up or down quickly and seamlessly
  • Selected remote partner(s) only having some of the required competencies to deliver the project
  • Process & Culture Mismatch
  • Missing technical deadlines and milestones
  • Lack of technical veracity

We have offices located across continental Europe and regularly visit partner organisations to maintain strong relationships which in turn ensures optimised collaboration on projects.

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