Rapid prototype development

Hardware board design interview

We are proud to have among our partners two exclusive hardware teams. One of them specialises in embedded electronics solutions and has previously worked with hardware prototyping companies like Cisco and Cypress Semiconductor. The other one has recently launched their own successful smart ticker.

YouTeam can provide a wide range of design services across various hardware disciplines and technologies. We can support your project at any stage of development including:

  • Schematic Design;
  • PCB layout;
  • Digital, analog or mixed signals electronics design;
  • PCB bring-up and testing;
  • Firmware development;
  • Value engineering and much more

YouTeam as a product development consultancy adds value to the process by streamlining communication and documentation workflow between the Client, hardware prototyping engineers, hardware design consultants and other technical staff.

Another important factor to consider is hardware board design interview, as in order to get the desired product design it’s important to know as much as possible about the hardware prototyping developers you will work with. So make sure your interview consists of a sufficient number of challenging questions to get the whole picture of the engineer’s experience and knowledge.  

YouTeam is uniquely positioned to assess the appropriate type of service and technology stack requirements for your project from the outset. We pride ourselves in providing accurate and transparent estimates of the rapid prototyping cost of our services and technologies as the product design develops. We take a flexible and collaborative approach and happily consider alternative models as and when required.

Hardware services which can be provided under the YouTeam umbrella:


Application, product development and system integration.

Solution development which forms part of product or full cycle hardware product development in accordance with predefined technical requirements.


Rapid Prototyping Hardware 

Rapid prototyping with limited functionality with the aim of demonstrating technological capabilities and performing customer development activities.


Research & Development

Undertaking investigation and experimentation with the intention of discovering new or correcting previous knowledge and with an expectation of feeding into the overall innovation process.