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Bringing innovation to the UK care homes.

iPhone in hand
Candesic is a leading healthcare consultancy
with the headquarters in central London.

The product, etype care, is a digital suite for care home management, service quality assurance, and analytics. It consists of an iPad app for care home residents management and surveying, and a Web App for the care homes management and analytics.

The iPad application provides staff on the floors with all information they need to deliver a great quality service to care home residents. Including residents profiles, care and medicine plans, galleries, and real-time care home timeline

etype care Timeline screen

A second part of the app functionality is resident surveys. They were specifically designed to be user friendly for elderly people. The surveys’ results provide care home managers with important insight that supports better decision making and quality of service.

etype care Surveys tab screen etype care Surveys question screen

The Web App provides managers with the ability to see how the care homes across their organisation are performing, and compare data to a performance of the competition. It also enables them to manage resident records and to initiate surveys.

etype care Dashboard screen etype care Dashboard screen

YouTeam has been managing the product development while collaborating with TEAM/QubStudio to create a great User Experience for a specialised users niche, and with TEAM/TechMagic and TEAM/Inteliarts to develop the technology. TEAM/RomexSoft has join on the later stage to provide an independent quality assurance service.

etype care TEAM:

  • Leonid Shapiro

    Product Owner Leonid Shapiro

  • Andri Grushestky

    Product Manager Andri Grushestky

  • Imke Jahner

    End-Users Representative Imke Jahner

  • Den Slisarchuk

    UX/UI Designer Den Slisarchuk

  • Sviatoslav Didukh

    UX/UI Designer Sviatoslav Didukh

  • Oleg Dats

    Software Architect Oleg Dats

  • Gabriel Rosser

    Tech Lead Gabriel Rosser

  • Sergiy Karelov

    Original Backend Developer Sergiy Karelov

  • Olena Koronenko

    Current Backend Developer Olena Koronenko

  • Chris Kortschak

    DevOps Engineer Chris Kortschak

  • Volodumyr Kukurudz

    Frontend Developer Volodumyr Kukurudz

  • Bogdan Susla

    iOS Developer Bogdan Susla

  • Yevhen Kryvun

    QA Manager Yevhen Kryvun

  • Iryna Pastukhova

    QA Engineer Iryna Pastukhova

Design by
Development by
  • Product vision: 2 weeks
  • Wireframes & visual concept: 2 weeks
  • UI Design: 3 weeks
  • Web development: 3 months
  • iOS development: 4 months
  • Back end development: 4 months
  • Python
  • Django
  • CSS3
  • HTML5
  • objective-c
  • Angularjs