Market Segmentation and Targeting

Share market data analysis

As an integral part of the Product Vision stage, we conduct thorough market share analysis to find out what successful ideas can be borrowed and to develop a clear product differentiation strategy. At the same time, the Tech Lead of your future team checks the relevant technology frontiers. This is vital for three reasons: to make sure the idea is technologically feasible, to propose the optimal technology stack and solution architecture and not to miss the opportunity to improve the idea by discovering new possibilities.

There is a great number of different types of share market data analysis. Among the most common ones, fundamental and technical analysis are distinguished. The fundamental method is aimed at evaluating the value of the company and its potential for the further growth. In order to do this, such data as revenues, return on equity, earnings and others are used. Technical analysis, on the other hand, doesn’t deal with financial indicates, but investigates current trends in the share prices.

Apart from this, it is important to involve a Product Manager from the concept phase of your project to get such benefits as accelerated learning about Customer and Marketplace and continuous product improvement.

The Concept Phase is when the business opportunity undergoes thorough examination and validation before entering the crucial stages of significant capital and labour investment into the idea. It typically comprises the clear articulation of the following elements:

  • Customer identification
  • Customer unique value proposition and the corresponding business case
  • Market size and growth potential
  • Potential revenue models
  • Industry and stakeholder analysis
  • Initial engagement and feedback from value chain – users, customers and stakeholders
  • Critical success factors and high level risks
  • Barriers to entry

Overall, market segmentation and marketing are the key factors influencing the decision about which customer segments company should be focused on. As long as you find the best matching customers for your product, you can start targetting and working with your potential clients.