YouTeam platform updates, July ‘2017

Tips, Filters, Boolean Algebra and Red Cats: YouTeam Platform Updates, July ‘2017

July has been a hot month indeed for our product development team (smile)

Here are some of the most important updates.

Meet the new search!

YouTeam Search Results

We’ve done quite a bit of general cleaning this summer. The most important page on the YouTeam website is now much simpler, clearer and more intuitive. Finding a software engineer for your specific needs has never been easier!

Now, let’s take a look at the details ;).


YouTeam Filters

You can narrow your search by defining acceptable hourly rates, experience, seniority, English level, availability, portfolio size and soft skills. Filters can be hidden when you no longer need them.

Multi-keyword search

YouTeam multi-keyword search

We’ve introduced some basic Boolean operators into search! So, now you can combine up to three keywords to find engineers who match your exact requirements in terms of experience.

Contextual tips

YouTeam Search Tips

If you’re not sure what a particular button does on the interface, you can refer to the contextual tips. Just hover over the definitions provided within Engineers’ profiles and a contextual tip will appear on the right.

Toggle between hourly and monthly rate

YouTeam Toggle between hourly and monthly rate

Simply click on Engineers’ rate ;).

By the way, an automatic 10% discount is applied if you hire an engineer, full-time for more than 1 month. Further rate reductions are offered for teams of more than 3 developers or engagements of longer than 6 months.

Book an interview with shortlisted engineers directly

Book an interview with shortlisted engineers directly

“Human to human” is the new “Business to business”. YouTeam allows you to interview the engineers you have selected on the platform before engaging with the agencies that employ them and sign the contract for software development outsourcing services. Our manager will arrange calls with your chosen candidates and help you to pick tech assignments for them (we use services like Codewars or HackerRank for this purpose) or to request code samples from them for your review. We can also organise an on-site interview with our trusted tech lead.

And finally… Anton the Cat!

Yes. We have added AI to the YouTeam platform. How cool is that?

As far as I know, no one in the YouTeam Product team has planned any holidays for August.

Which means: new and even cooler updates are on their way!

Perfert team, we verify skills

Yura Riphyak

Yura Riphyak

Yura Riphyak is a Co-Founder and CPO at YouTeam.

A serial entrepreneur, Yura has founded 4 companies since 2010, with 1 successful exit. Before starting YouTeam, Yura co-founded - a “Twitter for Voice”.
Yura is also an LSE-graduate in Economics, mentors a number of startups and teaches a crash-course on business modelling in several universities.

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