Writing the Perfect Job Description

Practical recommendations on how correctly to make an announcement about a vacancy and to attract candidates who will correspond to the image of your “ideal employee”.

A well-written job announcement gives you a lot of advantages:

  1. All unsuitable candidates are immediately eliminated.
  2. You do not waste time and effort on organizing and conducting “empty” interviews.
  3. You can concentrate efforts on a narrow circle of optimal candidates.

To do this, you have to remember some rules:

  1. Clarity.

Worst of all, when, in the announcement of the vacancy, there are ambiguities. The announcement of a vacancy should be extremely clear and simple. It’s the same with a freelancer. Immediately indicate the wages, deadlines and time of work. And there is no need to walk around because this will only confuse candidates or attract people who are not necessary to you.

  1. Correspondence to the corporate culture of the company.

Practically every business project or state organization has its own character, style and corporate culture. This should be shown in the job announcement. If the company is big enough and serious, the candidates should understand this by the style of the announcement.

  1. Transparency.

Make sure that the candidates clearly understand the specifics of the work. Explain to them all the nuances, for example, with what tools they will have to work – specific programs, applications, languages, techniques and tools.

Describe the list of daily responsibilities. If prospective candidates have to work in a team or, on the contrary, rely mainly on their own strengths – say it.

For many candidates, the issue of business trips and work schedules is serious. If the work involves frequent or long trips, or even at least once a month to work on weekends – write about it in the announcement. This will immediately eliminate a large number of unsuitable candidates.

  1. Accuracy.

Always list only the most important skills – really necessary to perform direct professional duties. If you want the employee to have some additional skills to perform irregular tasks, tell it to the respondents.

  1. Clear out unnecessary candidates with additional tasks.

Ask the candidates to fill out a questionnaire, answer a few short questions on the specialty, solve a small problem, write a mini-essay, attach a motivational or cover letter.

After that, you will have the opportunity to work with those who answered.

If the candidate gave an answer that does not suit you, skipped the question or, in general, did not answer it, most likely, it won’t suit you.

This is our short review of how to properly write a job announcement and attract the best candidates.


Igor Grigorenko

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