Why YouTeam Is Attending These 3 Tech Conferences

Why YouTeam Is Attending 3 Tech Conferences in Less Than 30 days

It’s all about community – like-minded people who share similar visions and inspire each other to set new challenges for their startups and to be part of that tribe. This is something common for all tech events but especially TNW and Startup Grind conferences, which both share the belief in making friends, not just contacts.

We did customer development at WebSummit 2016 in Lisbon, which validated the central concept of building an online platform for hiring vetted software agencies based on the availability of their engineers. Then, at TechCrunch Disrupt 2016 in London, we realised that the team booking process had to be simplified and that dedicated teams needed to be sourced within 24 hours. We also received feedback that the information on engineers and development companies was insufficient, even for deciding which Engineers to shortlist. So we extended engineers profiles and re-tested them at LAUNCH Festival 2017 in San Francisco. Startup founders gave us precious feedback on how to improve the profiles and shared insights on some outsourcing issues in Silicon Valley.  

All has gone well so far and of course, we won’t stop here. We are about to attend another three large technology conferences:

TNW Conference 2017 – 18-19 May 2017, Amsterdam.

Feel free to drop by our Demo booth on May 19th in Exhibitor Area 1.

Startup Grind Europe – 14 June 2017, London.

London Tech Week – 13-15 June 2017.

Catch YouTeam at a Tech Conference. We are arranging 30-min user sessions with tech startup founders. Please sign up here if you want to participate! We’ll get in touch, if you fit with our profile for a target user and you’ll be rewarded with free development hours for your tech project.

Otherwise, send us an email to or text us on Facebook if you want to meet there. And remember, it’s all about community so if you are building a new product destined to shake up the tech world, we want to hear about it!

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Yuliana Oselska

Yuliana Oselska

Head of Marketing at YouTeam, a marketplace for hiring remote tech talent, backed by YC. Interested in Product Development and Multi-channel Analytics.

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