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Why social networking apps are good for your business?

Work in the internet are getting more and more poplar every year. People understand that they do not want to stay at typical job so they try to start business in the internet. It could be internet store, consulting company, private lessons as a tutor. People will chose sphere in which they are good enough. If they understand that it could be a great source of income, they will turn it into a well-paid job.

However, today job in the Internet is nothing without advertising and public relations. It is very important for those who are only starting their career in social network. If your store do not have any advertisements in social networks, you probably will not have any selling and will get many material losses.

Social media – great way to promote your business

First, social media is a ground for communications. You can have conversations with people and get new contacts. Nevertheless, you can also use your applications to advertise your business. You need to understand that in social media like Facebook or Instagram you just need to publish information about your shop or services that you can give to other people. First people, who will see it – your friends and subscribers. If they are interested in your service, they can:

  1. Be your clients
  2. Share this information with their friends and subscribers

Probably most of them will ignore your publications and leaf it over, but soon you will see the result. For example, if one hundred persons visited your page and only ten of them are interested in your service, it is very good. Only for the first time.

Elena Velikova, Marketing Manager at DigitalOcto believes:

“Social media is the most cost-effective marketing channel that is definitely worth the time and effort. My only piece of advice to the small business owners would be to embrace just one social media platform. Take the time to develop your voice and strategy, post regularly and respond to messages and comments promptly”.

Every business must have income. During the time, you will understand that you can go to a higher level and improve your сcapabilities and get more clients. However, your old methods will not work there. Now you need to ask for the services of promoters. Nevertheless, get ready – good promotion will not be cheap. For example, if you pay two dollars for a day, you will have the coverage of 2 349 people. Keep in mind that most of them will skip your announcement. Therefore, you must have many advertisements for a long period to form group of people who will be your regular clients. With them, you will have authority and could compete with other people in your sphere.

More social media – more income

To turn your business into a regular source of income you must work with people. Having fifty thousand subscribers in Facebook and Instagram will be good for you. However, do not stop at this point. There are other good applications where you can share information about your business and services. You will communicate with bigger amount of customers and have more income. If your earning will rise, you do not need to worry about promotion. Also with higher income, you could improve your business to become more and more popular in your sphere.


Igor Grigorenko

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