Why social networking apps are good for your business?

There is no denying that social networking is popular internet actions.

As of 2017 2,46 billions of internet consumers are social networks consumers. That accounts for 71% of all internet consumers. And, according to Statista, this number is pending to increase.

Social networking is a significant instrumental in business and digital marketing. But there is still a considerable confusion between the notion of “social networking” and “social media”. It’s a common misconception that these notions are interchangeable.


Obviously social networking and social media are both all about communication. But to really understand the difference we should start with defining the notions.

Social networking is a origination and sustentation of business and personal hookups online. Social networking is a one-to-one communication model and it’s all about engagement: you’re making connections and keeping up with your auditorium and getting feedback.

Social media is set of various forms of online communication(blogs, channels, podcasts, etc) through which users divide info, thoughts, personal messages, and photo or video content. Other users can respond or comment on your posts and you are the one who own the content and produce media.

Note: There are often some overlaps. For example, LinkedIn is a pure social network. Youtube is a clear social media. Facebook is the combination of both social media (as it is dedicated to user’s content-sharing) and social network (as a platform for communication). Put them all together and you get an capable social media marketing strategics.


We have provided a demarcation between social networking and social media.

  • Connection manner: on social media basically all you are doing is taking. Your posts are a way of interaction with your followers or potential customers. In networking thesestrategics doesn’t work. You should listen as much as talking or else you can miss some great opportunities.
  • Goals: in a social media app your central goals are getting hype and attention. Social networking focuses more on building client base and interaction that could lead to the business relationships.
  • Content: content is a decisive detail of digital marketing for both social networking and social media. But the nature of It is completely various and social networking and social media content is hardly overlapped.


Facebook: a mobile application for the social media and social networking titan that needs no introduction. The only application on the list that wasn’t initially designed for a mobile platform.

Monthly active users: 1,860,000,000

Messenger: the app is just as straightforward as it’s called. Free instant messages and calls to the people on your contact list.

Monthly active consumers: 1,300,000,000

WhatsApp: another free immediate messaging application that applies your phone’s internet connection to send and receive messages, calls, media files, and voice messages.

Monthly active consumers: 1,300,000,000

WeChat: social media and social networking application in China that, besides essential messenger functions, provides hold-to-vocal messaging, video broadcast and games.

Monthly active users: 938,000,000

QQ Chat: another option for chinese messenger admirers. The app postures itself as a language barrier breaker that is substantiated with a built-in translator for all your chats.

Monthly active users: 861,000,000

Instagram: a famed social media application with the growing social networking traits. The app focuses on the consumer’s content: photos, videos, stories.

Monthly active users: 652,000,000

QZone: social networking application in China owned by the holding Tencent (the same one the owns QQ Chat). It permits consumers to listen to music, write blogs and comments, send photos and watch videos.

Monthly active users: 652,000,000

Viber: an immediate messaging social networking application with support for photo and video sharing.

Monthly active users: 249,000,000


If you think that the apps referred to in this article are not enough for you, you can always create your own – just like our clients did. JellyChip is a mobile app that helps users connect and help people in need.


Social networking apps are essential for a modern business. Once you have created your social network and social media strategies you can effectively present your brand, promote your projects, reach and stay in touch with the right people.


Igor Grigorenko

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