Why Learning Rails is Not So Hard

Ruby on Rails

Rails is a graphical web program written in Ruby. It was created by David Heinemeier Hansson in 2004, but he did not share the commit rights to the project until 2005.

It encourages and facilitates the use of web standards, such as JSON or XML for data transmission, as well as HTML, CSS and JavaScript for displaying and interacting with users. This program has had a copious impact on the creation and amplification of web apps due to its innovative features such as seamless database table creations, migrations, and scaffolding of views to enable rapid app amplification. Ruby on Rails is also used today.

How hard is Ruby on Rails?

Ruby on Rails uses the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern to organize app programming. Many find it very difficult to learn this program. On the Internet, there are even articles that explain in detail why it is so difficult to master this program. The main reason is that using this program requires knowledge of different domains from databases, templates creation, etc.

However, if you really want to master this program, you can find special books for beginners: «Agile Web Development in Rails» or «Rails Tutorial». The study of the program and its amplification in the required degree requires the amplification of specific habits from the origin, and in the future, they will accomodate you to orient better. The success of apprehension Rails depends only on you, as well as on the material you choose to study.

After all, some books provide purely theoretical and encyclopedic information, which is difficult to operate in practice, while others, on the contrary, show all the bases and tips that can be used in the work.

However, it’s worth knowing that you are not immediately upgraded to the wizard of this program, you need practice, lots of practice, and time.

Most people think that learning Rails is difficult, because the origination of the graphing process itself is grievously. You just have to make more effort when you don’t catch on something. Because when it’s simple and clear, the learning process is usually easy. And as soon as there’s some more complex information that needs to be sorted out, many refuse to do this, justifying this like as the program is difficult and complicated, although in reality it is not at all. You have only to approach the pioneering of Ruby on Rails with the understanding and desire, anticipating that it will take more than one hour and even not one day to become a confident user. If you’re ready for this – then Ruby on Rails developers are waiting for you.



Igor Grigorenko

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