Why Graphic Designers Should actively Participate in Design Contests

The main classification of competitions is specialization, what exactly does a designer do. Graphics design, industrial design, interior design, design and fashion design – the first thing to do is to determine which specialists in the sphere of design are invited to participate in the contest. Further – to understand, whether there is in your portfolio, which you can declare on the competition. It happens in many ways: sometimes you can submit a finished product, sometimes – the project has to be developed specifically for the competition. For example, if a well-known company wants to expand its lineup and look for new solutions.

Everything depends on the competition, as well as on the project itself. As a rule, you need to visualize the project and a beautiful picture, a clear description of the functional and materials. But if the project implies some sort of research, there must necessarily be a prototype of the subject, its functional analysis. It is important to understand that if the project is a research project, the first question of judges will be whether the studies were conducted. But sometimes it is enough to declare for the competition only a concept – if the jury like you, you will be given the opportunity to conduct research at the next stage of the competitive selection. The most important thing here is to carefully read the rules of the competition and the requirements for the application for participation.

Participation in a well-known competition is a great chance to make a statement about yourself, because the competition, first of all, is PR. If you win, everyone will focus on the status of the contest. This is logical because the competitive works are selected by experts in this sphere, and if they have chosen a project, then this is the project that really needs to be paid attention. On the other hand, there is a huge competition in such contests, and it’s difficult to win. So we would advise not neglecting and less well-known competitions. Just look at the jury – it plays an important role.

Among the most important design competitions, we would highlight the Red Dot, A’Design Award, IF Design Award, the European Design Design Award, the Lexus Design Award, the Good Design Award, the Dyson Awards. But there are a lot of contests of this type, you need to select the one under your category.

Why should a designer participate in contests? This gives confidence, and not only in the product that experts assess, but also in themselves as designers – you just want to do more interesting projects and win with them. But in general, this is mostly PR: almost all the competitions, in addition to the diploma, also award the winner with a PR-package, that is informing the media about the contest, they also send the winner’s work with full information about them. In addition, participation in the competition is also a way to make new contacts, find customers and partners. In other words, this is a very good way to tell about your project and to declare yourself.


Igor Grigorenko

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