WhatUp! Silicon Valley Hosts the 3rd Annual PitchTank 3.0

February, 2018, San Jose, Calif. – WhatUp! Silicon Valley hosts its highly-anticipated PitchTank event (based on the popular hit TV show “Shark Tank”) at eBay’s Headquarters in San Jose on Wednesday February 21st.

Now in its third year of operation, PitchTank is the brainchild of WhatUp! Silicon Valley founders Sam Kabert and Sergio Oliveri. WhatUp! SV has become the quintessential representation of the South Bay’s network culture – where it’s who you know, and who knows you.

PitchTank 3.0 is perfect for those launching a product or who simply want to see a VC-caliber pitch firsthand. For the evening’s five presenters, it’s an opportunity to test their innovation’s value and practice their pitch’s creativity by presenting real ideas to real investors at a local level.

Attendees also benefit from networking time with fellow innovators of the Silicon Valley. This event has something for everyone – opportunities for inspiration, education, and connection through the “MegaMixer” portion of the night! For those who aren’t ready to pitch their business idea on the big stage, PitchTank is demoing the first-of-its-kind “MentorMinute”, where you’ll have the opportunity to connect in a quick, but meaningful way with industry professionals and business coaches, for free.

“I’m stoked about the impact PitchTank has made over the past three years. From some of our first pitches becoming actual businesses after exposure at PitchTank to the kind of people you’ll meet networking at this event, there’s something for everyone. Serg and I are so excited for this year – it’s going to be bigger and better than ever and the entire WhatUp! team is proud to be making this event happen.”

Come and join Silicon Valley professionals and hear others share their big ideas on the big stage.

About WhatUp! Silicon Valley

WhatUp! Silicon Valley is a South Bay podcast for the innovators, creatives, and young professionals in this #hustlevalley. Started by self-professed “bros” Sam and Serg, Aubrie, Jess and Hannah joined the team in 2018, taking the podcast from a weekly show to a daily network format. WhatUp! Silicon Valley is a team of entrepreneur hustlers from diverse backgrounds with completely different perspectives, brought together by the South Bay community and addiction to the hustle and grind of the Valley. When the team’s not cranking out podcasts for the Silicon Valley enthusiast, they’re hosting events around the South Bay, including PitchTank and other networking events. Whether you‘re a Silicon Valley OG or a new-to-the-Bay transplant, there’s something for everyone on WhatUp!

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YouTeam Editorial Team

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