What’s Next? Elon’s Master Plan, The Genius and the Dark Sides of Pokemon Go, Bio-Tech vs The Resistance, and more

Things change. Technology, markets, people, and indeed our newsletter, all change and evolve. In case you have missed IQ Mail, you will be glad to learn that we are resuming our newsletter with a sharper focus. At YouTeam, we believe that a key question all entrepreneurs ask themselves is, ‘What’s next?’ But to know where the world is heading, first we need to think about what matters most. So the focus of this newsletter will be to inform you about the most important trends and developments in technology markets to help you predict, – what might be next! Here are some interesting developments that warrant our attention.


Elon’s Master PlanCan Elon Musk go above and beyond what he has already achieved in the automotive and energy industries? Maybe? Maybe not? But, what is quite wonderful about his latest Master Plan is that the world will be better off with him having tried. If you haven’t read the Master Plan yet, we strongly advise you do.tags: self-driving cars, sustainability, smart cities
The Genius & The Dark Sides of Pokemon GoComparing Pokemon Go to ‘All Other Digital Products’, is a little bit like comparing humans with monkeys. Pokemon Go is one step ahead of its time in just about everything: engagement, retention, virility and monetisation. And it’s not just luck either. It’s based on years of trial and error by both, Niantic, and Nintendo. It’s obvious simplicity and mixed reality is what makes it genius. But accordingly to some, this is just a beginning of what is considered to be a takeover of our reality by Silicon Valley.tags: market, Augmented Reality
Bio-Tech vs The ResistanceBio-tech adoption doesn’t seem to be compatible with traditional values or the preservation of societal equality. At least, this is what the latest research from the US has found. Its results suggest that the general population is feeling rather worried about blood enhancements, brain implants, and other bio tech innovations that may increase the divide between haves and have nots. This technology also may be “too modern” for the religious beliefs of many. Is this the beginning of a battle for tomorrow?tags: bio-tech
The Rise of “small AI” StartupsWe tend to think about AI as of something BIG to come and redefine what is possible. When in reality, “small AI” is already accessible to many entrepreneurs who are trying to solve practical and tangible problems today. Consider B12, a New York web agency that recently raised funding to “combine artificial intelligence with people in a way it believes will allow for faster creation of “self-optimizing, intelligent” websites”. And if you find business accounting difficult and frustrating, you may be happy to hear about another AI startup, which aims to free humans from horrors of accounting and delegate it to machines. Welcome to Smacc.tags: AI, startups


And the Rise of Ukraine as an IT Powerhouse Future innovators will rely on millions of engineers across the globe. Barriers of distance, language, and legal concerns of distributed workforce are diminishing and new IT hubs are emerging. One of them is Ukraine, which has an ambition to become the world’s technology powerhouse.tags: engineering, workforce, HR
The Modular Future of SmartphonesIt still remains to be seen if the modular smartphones concept will take off. However, the launch of Google’s Project Ara phone is planned for the next year. With a number of big manufacturers on board, its prospects are promising and there are more “modular” smartphones already on the market today. Here is an overview.tags: mobile, modular phone
Driverless Cars Becoming more Sensitive to CyclistsAs a cyclist, would you rather ride next to a human driven car or a self-driving one? Think twice. Google is teaching its driverless vehicles to behave nicely towards cyclists. In order to test this concept Google is hiring professional AI bullies with the responsibility of cycling all day around a Google car trying to cause it anxiety attacks.tags: self-driving cars, smart cities
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