Virtual reality

Virtual Reality – A Future Beyond Gaming

The technological progress is growing so fast. Sometimes we couldn`t look for it. Today our gadgets are useful, but tomorrow we will see a new model of our smartphone, laptop or computer. Just look on the names of the new devices:

  • PlayStation VR headset
  • Facebook Oculus Rift
  • PS4 VR

We can continue this list for a long time because every day we can hear an announcement about new device in different spheres. The main reason why technologies are becoming smarter and better – gaming industry. Millions of people are playing games on their smartphones, laptops and consoles. Even if their devices aren`t so powerful enough, they could visit gaming club and play every game they want. In one moment, designers and creators understood that they could make huge income on selling games, devices, gadgets and other stuff that will be enjoyable for gamers. Each company hire developers to create better things.

For example, let us look on gaming mouse. If five years ago you could choose one or two models with different colors, today there are thousands of famous companies. They are rivals on the market. Everyone is trying to create something new. Something that will be more useful. You can find mouse from metal, mechanic mouse with extra buttons or mouse with small keyboard. With it you can do more options in games like StarCraft. Such games need a lot of moves and clicks from players every second. Sometimes it could be difficult for player to click on all buttons on the keyboard. In this situation, he/she can use extra keys on the mouse.

However, virtual reality can be used not only in game industry. Now people make their working process much easier. Can you remember the time when we tried to show 3D projects on small projectors in front of the wall. It`s not comfortable for viewers because you need to focus your eyesight on the pictures. Now virtual reality can solve all problems. You can create huge projects and show them just in your hands. You can create an object, make the right shape or weight and spin it around your finger. With virtual reality, you can show some things that were impossible to show earlier. Don`t worry about details because developers made special guides with detailed instructions.

In conclusion we can say that virtual reality is the next step in human`s technical progress. It`s not future. It`s our present.


Igor Grigorenko

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