Using GraphQL with Django

Words like GraphQL and Django are very popular between software and application developers.

Django is a framework that is used to create web-systems. The web site in Django is built from a few parts. The architecture of Django is likely to MVC, but of course it has some differences. Django is a common framework for creating informational sites. Administrative module helps to create, change or to delete any objects contained on the site. This module also creates protocols to all actions. With Django, you can also have an interface to watch for users and groups. There you can also have a commentary system. Today Django has an interface for site administrator, already translated into many different languages. It also has cash system.

The most common programs that were made on Django:

  • Pinax
  • RapidSMS
  • Pootle

Graphql is a data query language developed by Facebook in 2012. In fact, it was released only in 2015. Graphql is an alternative variant for REST.

Probably most of developers already know this basic information. However, it`s time to give an answer to the question – how to use Django with Graphql.

The Django-Graphql combination starts from installing a Graphene – Graphql implementation for the language Python. It can be set up with using Django extensions. Then create a “”. Then add the data. For that, you need to use administrator interface. When you create the models, you should also create a Schema. The main task of Schema will be to serve the API.

Graphql provides a graphical interactive in-browser called IDE. It has least of good functions and features. For example, with its help you can do syntax highlighting, real-time error reporting and automatic query completion. And this is only a part of things you can do with its help.

We can also retrieve all books registered along with the authors. If you will use field named “debug”, you will have an information about the SQL query.

So that`s all. That is how we use our Graphql-Django combination. It looks so simple. However, you must spend time to finish all processes and get needed result. Of course, you must have all programs and applications installed onto your computer or laptop. Maybe it`s not the easiest task for the developer to use Django with Graphql, but the result will be good enough to waste so much time.

We hope that you enjoyed this article and already started the working process.


Igor Grigorenko

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