Using GraphQL with Angular 2

Using GraphQL with Angular 2

I think that when you read the name of the article, you probably didn`t understand what it is and what we will talk about. Nevertheless, don`t worry, here you will know everything about GraphQL and how to use it with Angular 2.

Flask graphql

Let us start from the beginning. Graphql is a language, which is used in API to make queries. The main advantage is that you can use this language for all platforms, including IOS, Android and Windows. It takes place between your client and the server and can get the data with the most optimal way. Of course, the language like this can be adapted for any client. The client could choose which answer he needs.

We can admit that Graphql is working well on every platform. You can search for some projects that could show you the working process on Android or IOS. We have other topic, lo let`s go to the next point.

Angular 2 client

Now we need to say some words about Angular. The original version of this program has changed. The versions of programs that you need to work with have changed too, so Angular had a large upgrade. The framework has changed its architecture and Angular 2 api must follow it to work correctly.

Angular 2 Graphql

To have better understanding of these two programs, we will show you an example. We talked about each of them, and now we will combine them. Graphql`s architecture is so smart for Angular 2, that`s why we can use them together. Because Graphql is the way better than REST for web applications with complex data requirements, you can use it with Angular 2. The components define their own data shapes, so they are constructing their own queries. You have a hundred percent guarantee that data structure is safe and it won`t be damaged.

As you see, both of these components are working great with each other. You can also use Angular 2 Apollo combining to work in browser. Angular 2 has good optimization and it is smart in use. There are many guides of using the systems and languages and optimizing them. The technological process is moving, so the number of abilities is growing. Now the user don`t need to check every step he is doing, because the program has already checked it.

However, the main thing is that you must be attentive while typing codes in such programs. The number of symbols is so huge and you should check it every time.


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