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Tutorial: Django User Registration and Authentication

What is Django? Probably most of the readers don`t even know what we are talking about. However, don`t worry. We will make a short and complete guide of Django user registration tutorial. With it you will know all principles of the system`s work.

First, we must say what Django is. It is a high-level Web framework, which is used to create web systems. It was named of the famous jazzman Django Reinhardt. This framework has special architecture that can help creators in making informational web sites and pages. It also has comment system and gives a creator an interface to control users and groups.

Django user registration

If you want to use this system, you need to complete registration. You need to type a command “createsuperuser” in the command line. With it, you can see the login and logout pages. Then you must create a login template. After typing a list of commands with right symbols, you will gave two lines: for username and for password. If you will have this page at your screen, it means that you have done everything right. As you see, the process of Django login isn`t so hard. Just follow our instructions. If you want, you can customize the Django user login with several commands.

Django user authentication

Now, when we complete the registration process, let us go to the Django authentication tutorial. The process of authentication also includes an authorization. The system in Django is very generic and provide some features, which are hold in web authentication system. To get the solution of some problems, creators have implemented all-important features in third-party packages. It is a password checking (you can understand how strong it is and change it if needed), throttling of login attempts and authentication against third parties.

You can use the authentication support in contribute module with a command “Django.contrib.auth”. if you will type it, you will see the core of the framework and its default models. In addition, if you will use MIDDLEWARE settings and run the command “”, the system will create the important database tables for related models and permissions for any models that you have in your installed apps.

As you see, the process of registration and authentication is not so long and hard. You just need to follow the instructions and write every command correct. If you will miss a letter or a symbol, you will need to come back and correct the mistakes.


Igor Grigorenko

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