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Top Web Development Languages to Learn in 2018

Career in the field of web development is profitable, exciting and requiring readiness for constant changes. This requires a set of well-developed skills and knowledge of the languages that you need to update year after year. The annual TIOBE Index for January 2018 was published, which identified the most popular programming languages of 2018.

Below is a list of 10 programming languages that can be learned in 2018.

  1. Java

Java works on the principles of object-oriented programming and is used to create server applications and mobile software, to write native applications for Android.

  1. C

C refers to low-level languages ​​and works at the “machine level”, which speeds up the processing of information and allows you to write code for “hardware” (microcontrollers, processors).

  1. C ++

Its main feature is the predefined classes. This language has a powerful toolkit and can be adapted in various fields: finance, games, communications, electronic payment systems, retail.

  1. Python

Python has several uses: statistical computing, neural networks and machine learning, and even web development (Django). This language has acquired a sufficient number of libraries focused on neural networks.

  1. C #

C # is object-oriented and is used to develop applications on .NET frameworks. C # allows you to focus on the algorithm, and not on the implementation details, because the complex constructions in it are enclosed in abstraction.

  1. JavaScript

It provides the ability to create interactive sites and is one of the main web technologies along with HTML and CSS. Suitable for creating interactive websites on the Internet.

  1. Visual Basic.NET

It is considered a copy of C/C # – the problem is solved in the same way, the syntax is slightly simpler. No one advises to study it if you want to develop in the direction of software development or applications. But in the banking industry VBN is a real musthave.

  1. R

First of all, R is a programming language for statistical data processing and graphics work, but at the same time it is a free, open-source software environment that can be found in any Linux distribution.

  1. PHP

PHP is widely used thanks to WordPress. PHP doesn’t have strict rules for writing code, and it is flexible in solving problems. PHP is an excellent choice for web developers, since it is a server-side scripting language for WordPress.

  1. Perl

In Perl, you can assemble everything – from desktop programs and servers in telecoms to antediluvian sites. The open-source language turns out even in router firmware and many commercial products. It is often used in web development and bioinformatics. But the Perl rating falls – in the bioinformatics came Python, and the sites are written more in Java.




Igor Grigorenko

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