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Top Node.js Hosting Services – Where to Host Your Node.js App

Ever since its primary publication way back in 2009, would you trust Node.js has been paying attention of coders the world over. Written in JavaScript, this open origin cross-platform surroundings make Node.js a outstanding selection for real time applications.

Firstly, because Node.js permits for quick development, which enlarges efficiency. Actually, in accordance with a Medium office by Rising Stack, “When PayPal began embracing Node.js, they appended a 2x enlarge in efficiency confronted to the preliminary Java stack.”

Node.js also has high enormity, sense that you expend few on foundation as few tools support is required to interpret the identical number of loading.

There are in fact a lot of reasons why coders of all experience standards should embrace Node.js for application development, and many of you earlier are. A lot of players became to embrace Node.js in the applications.

Actually, you may have earlier uploaded and established Node.js to verify code. So the following level is to disclose usage to the society, which connotes that you require to watch for any Node.js hosting.

Where to begin seek for the Node.js hosting?

We have place altogether a enumeration of the top 3 Node.js hosting services any gratis, any payable, any a blend to aid you make the correct selection. Downstairs, you’ll discover a writing of every help, add the advantages and disadvantages to aid you balance the uses and eventual damages.

Top 3 Node.js Hosting Services

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services (AWS) permits you to open a high-accessibility Node.js application embracing the AWS Elastic Beanstalk help. You have full check on server on which Node.js application is launch, and really you can launch multiplex applications on the server too except using any supplementary costs. Advantages: Big pricing, plus enough sponsorship in the forms of discussions, plans and records. Disadvantages: Actually a abrupt observing curve when it appears in AWS, particularly for those who have at no time embraced it earlier, and moreover for those who have at no time been liable for the management of the peculiar server earlier.


First only maintaining Ruby on Rails, Heroku has appended sponsorship for a broad diapason of tongues and surroundings inclusive of Perl, Python, PHP, Java and usually Node.js. Belongs to, Heroku suggests smoothly continuous integration with a host of third party aids too(like Send Grid and Redis), and sustains deployment through many times regions. Advantages: Heroku proposes a gratis period, and is very merely to commence with (even for younger coders). There’s big sponsorship records freely approachable, and an large list of plugins and servings that can be attached immediately. Disadvantages: Once you retain the gratis period, Heroku does commence receiving beautiful expensive and beautiful fastly. Also, while beginning with Heroku is rapid, larger applications are prone to guide to slower deployments.

Microsoft Azure

Microsoft Azure is Microsoft’s cloudy platform that lets coders quickly deploy, control and compile strong sites and apps. This is a responsible platform with big elasticity and high approachability across many times regions. With supporting for both Linux and Windows apparatus, you are suitable to check all of Node.js applications hosted on Azure in acting time, with mechanical enormity maintained. Advantages: A well free plan which lets you to host up to 10 apps on every datacenter. It’s simply to put on scope Node.js app down or up in Azure too, or easy to make suitable auto scaling to permit Azure to place on a scale accordingly traffic. Drawbacks: Deployments can be logy, and there’s no direction to reveal to an Azure cloud serve from a Mac.


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