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Top Companies That Have Trusted Vue JS

What do we know about Vue JS? It`s a massive JavaScript-framework that is used for creation interfaces of users in different web sites and programs using the models of database. Vue JS have already took a strong place on the market between the competitors. In addition, some companies have strong confidence to Vue JS framework and still use it. We`d like to introduce them to you.


Popular social network founded by Mark Zuckerberg use Vue JS. Facebook implemented this framework to use it into the newsfeed. As you can see, this combination still works.


Have you already seen “Fahrenheit 451” starring Michael B Jordan? If you still didn`t do it, you should go and watch it now! Why we are talking about films? Because American film provider is also using Vue JS since it started working. If we will open the interface and look through it, we will see pleasant pictures and frames from different movies and serials. Cool design, smart main page and no superfluous information. Another good Vue JS example that is working good and won`t stop.


If you like to travel around the world by plane and spend a few money, WizzAir is the best variant for you. If we open the main page, we will see the simple website made in two bright colors. Don`t worry, it is perceived normally. With Vue JS WizzAir became useful for mobile devices as an application. You can visit the website and reserve tickets now!


How often do you make mistakes in words or sentences? I think that not more than twice a day. However, it`s not good when you forget the right letter or lose the coma in sentence. With Grammarly, all these problems could be solved. Just sign up and your account will fix all your mistakes you have done in different social media, sites and other pages. With time, you will forget the word “mistake”.

This great tool is also made with Vue JS. Smart interface, a few buttons and simple colors on every page. What else do you need to check your grammar?

You can search in the Internet all of these programs and companies. After a research, you will see that all of these points in our article are very popular between users. They always will be in common because not only people need films, tickets and grammar check. They know that these sites don`t have extra information (advertisements, strange functions). With Vue JS they have only important functions.


Igor Grigorenko

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