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Top 25 Project Management Blogs

  1. Pmtips blogs own a number of PM topics.
  2. Project Lab is a great place to go if you desire to see case studies on PM related studies.
  3. A Girl’s Guide to Project Management. It’s a collection of articles on that’s been tailored for women.
  4. Workzone is all about showing how easy PM is. They cater for all sorts of companies and industries by providing easy-to-use software for seamless project management.
  5. See the tutorials and watch them for quick info on how to perform everyday project management tasks.
  6. Capterra PM Blog makes B2B software buying easier and offers reviews and insights for decision-making.
  7. PM Basics offers helpful advice for those who want to delve into project management.
  8. Bob Sutton has lots of practice working as a PM.
  9. The Tao of Project Management. John Carroll’s blog has proven to be useful resources for hundreds of project managers.
  10. PMStudent is a collection of fundamental resources for beginners.
  11. Better Projects. For veteran project managers looking for detailed strategies, Better Projects goes deeper into some very effective strategies.
  12. PM Box from Genius Project. Blog topics include managing teams, overcoming challenges, general planning mistakes and how to avoid them.
  13. Project Accelerator News tells you about project management because real life situations are used and analyzed.
  14. The Digital Project Manager helps to know more about PM software, how to manage an agency and how to kickstart your project from scratch.
  15. Tyner Blain has a lot to say about how to manage a project that involves a new product, and how to maintain the marketing potential of that product once it’s launched.
  16. Projects at Work at The advice given here is extremely practical.
  17. Ron Rosenhead worked as a project manager for a decade and a half, and he also actively trains up young PMs as an active coach.
  18. Project Management Hut is mainly directed at veteran project managers who require software advice on how to complete tasks.
  19. How to Manage a Camel. This site covers all aspects from the basics all the way down to the complicated details.
  20. This Digital Adventure. This blog focuses on technology while keeping you up to date with new trends in project management apps & software.
  21. Project Bliss. This site is all about building your confidence as a project manager and offering you the tools & tips to grow your client base and your experience.
  22. Project Management Hacks. It’s a collection of blogs that make PM look easy. This advice is quite generic, which is why you can navigate to it whenever you’re feeling professionally low and get something out of it.
  23. Brad Egeland. These articles are very insightful because they give practical solutions to real life problems—the kind of problems you will face as a project manager.
  24. The Lazy Project Manager. Peter Taylor writes about PM and life topics in an accessible way.
  25. Mike Cohn at Mountain Goat Software delves into PM software and how it can make your tasks simpler.

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