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Top 10 Websites for Online Education in 2018

  1. Twirpix.

Quite a large database of necessary literature for teaching in a variety of areas – from biology and physiology to time management and artistic works in various languages.

  1. EdEra.

EdEra is a new Ukrainian project, which is a site with online courses in the format of MOOK (mass open online courses). The project includes interactive lectures, notes with illustrations and explanations, exams and homework, communication with other students and teachers.

  1. Academic Earth.

This site has gathered lectures from the best universities in the world, in particular, MIT, Harvard, Princeton, Stanford, Yale Universities, history of art, business, chemistry, management, sociology, etc.

  1. Edx.

Lectures of the leading educational institutions of the world are collected here. It is quite easy to choose a course for yourself, for example, to study in the field of architecture, ethics, law, music, design, economics and finance.

  1. Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative.

For access to materials of a learning character, you will have to create your account on the site. It is assumed that the user studies the material independently, there is no tuition fee, but there are also no instructors/teachers and exams that they must pass.

  1. University of the People

UoPeople is a free university, but students still have to pay for exams at the end of each course. Its cost depends on the residence of the student, although you can also try to get a grant for completely free education.

  1. TED.

TED is a well-known conference that started its activity in 1984, where scientists, entrepreneurs, artists, musicians, engineers and many others gather and share their ideas on completely different topics – from psychology and communications to the problems of gender discrimination and autism.

  1. The Open University.

All materials here are divided into age and thematic groups, lecture material can be downloaded from the site to your computer, and the subjects of the courses offered are quite wide: mathematics, statistics, criminology, sociology, culture, media and so on.

  1. Coursera.

An English-language project that collaborates with many universities around the world, which publishes courses in various fields of knowledge. Listeners not only take courses but also communicate with fellow students, take tests and exams directly on the Coursera website.

  1. Khan Academy.

Here is a wide database of video lessons in more than 20 languages. The courses are divided into separate lessons with the ability to view each video no matter which course you choose.


Igor Grigorenko

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