Top 10 PHP Interview Question & Answers

PHP is very popular among developers as well as Java, JavaScript or even HTML. All these programming languages are used for different operations. Everyone choose the language which is better in his/her opinion. However, even if we choose the right instrument, we need to know more about it. Here we can use the help of qualified interviews. People have collected best PHP interview questions and answers that could help rookies in their working process.

  1. Question: what is PHP? Answer: PHP is a language that is used by developers to dynamically create web pages.
  2. Question: Can you say which version of PHP is the most optimal now? Answer: right now, the best version you can use is 7.1 or 7.2.
  3. Question: is there an ability to display an output directly to the browser? Answer: Of course, we can do this. To perform such action, we need to use extra tags: “<?” and “?>”.
  4. Question: what is the meaning of the phrases “final class” and “final method”? Answer: final class is the class that can be extended only from single class.
  5. Question: What we must do to be able to use an image function? Answer: for image function we must have GD library.
  6. Question: Where is the key of accessing the data sent through the URL using the POST method? Answer: if you want to send the data such way, you should use the $_POST array.
  7. Question: What does the unset() function means? Answer: this function means that a variable will be undefined.
  8. Question: can we remove HTML tags from data? Answer: yes, we have an opportunity to do this. With the help of strip_tags() we will clean a string from HTML tags.
  9. Question: explain the meaning of a session. Answer: a session is a logical object that enables us to preserve data through the PHP pages.
  10. Question: can we pass the variable through the navigation between pages? Answer: There are three possible variants of doing it: by uing cookies, sessions or hidden from the fields.

We`ve checked many pages with information in PHP interview question and answer format. These questions were the most common, so we mentioned to put them in our article. We hope that all these information was interesting and needed for you. If you want to add something, you can write your own article with top of questions and answers.


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