Top 10 jQuery Interview Questions & Answers

In programming and development, every user of every level tends to something new. It could be new feature, tool or program for better work and optimization. If we are talking about upgrades and new things, we must mention jQuery. Even though this JavaScript library had its first release in 2006, developers could forget about its abilities and advantages. In our article you can find many important information by reading jQuery interview questions and answers.

  1. Question: Can you explain what jQuery is? Yes, sometimes people have such questions. Answer: jQuery is a programming code, not language. Experienced user could use it for traversing or even handling.
  2. Question: which command could show me the version of jQuery? Answer: you can see the version of the code with the command “$.ui.version”.
  3. Question: can you explain the jQuery connect? Answer: “jQuery connect” is the plugin could be used when you need one function with another.
  4. Question: tell us how to use this connect. Answer: you need to download the connect from the official jQuery site. After that, you should include it to the HTML. The command “$.connect” will connect function to other function.
  5. Question: What are the basic selectors in the jQuery? Answer: here we have the list of such selectors: Element ID, CSS name, Tag name, DOM hierarchy.
  6. Question: Can you explain the CDN? Answer: Content Distribution network is the group of companies, which contain the data files.
  7. Question: can we do something to debug the jQuery? In fact, we can do it by two variants. For the first variant we need to add debugger to the line where debugging starts and after that run Visual Studio with the F5 key. For second variant we need to insert a break point after attaching the process.
  8. Questions: Is there a normal way of downloading the jQuery? We`ve answered to this question, but we can do this once again. Answer: the best way is to download it from the official site.
  9. Question: are there any advantages of the jQuery? Answer: the main advantages of jQuery are its simplicity in coding, more writing conditions and the fact that it`s just a JavaScript`s enchantment.
  10. Question: can you name the reason why jQuery is better than JavaScript? Answer: jQuery helps developer to write the code clear and concise. With it you can also handle animations.

That are jQuery interview questions, which interested us most. If you have something to add, you can write your own examples of such answers and questions.


Igor Grigorenko

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