Top 10 Front End Developers on YouTeam Platform

Front End Programmers for Hire: December 2017

Working with qualified and dedicated software engineers is a key to your project’s success. But it’s always a struggle to collect all the necessary information and make sure your candidate suits all your demands. We at YouTeam fix it by providing a searchable database of pre-vetted engineers’ profiles, and to save your time and make it even easier we decided to shortlist top 10 Front End developers with the best track records for hire in 2017.

#1. Daria G.

Front-end developer with great experience in WordPress
Daris is a 4+ year IT professional in web development in a field of web-oriented applications for small startups, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. She has solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented approach, software engineering principles and concepts. Experienced in development and maintenance client parts of applications, design, and development of relational databases.


#2. Yuriy D.

Front End/ Web Developer with several closed large software projects
Yuriy has 5+ years of experience in web development. During his work at the company, he was involved in software development of several large software projects, mainly in JavaScript, HTML5, jQuery, PHP, etc.


#3. Andrey T.

Middle front-end developer with 4 years of experience
Andrey is an enthusiastic young front-end developer who already has quite a decent experience in this fields. Is highly motivated to quickly learn new technologies and show great results. Has passion for what he’s doing.


#4. Dmitry H.

Senior front-end developer
Dmitry is an experienced JavaScript developer with a strong knowledge of Angular. What should you know about him as a person is that his communicative, friendly, with a good sense of humor, open to new challenges AND above all Dmitry is an expert in his field of knowledge.


#5. Alex K.

Senior front end developer with an aim to follow best practices when design and implement rich web sites and SPAs
Alex is business domain and end user oriented, involved in implementation for such domains as education,
e-commerce, delivery tracking. Tight collaboration and communication with clients, user feedback analysis, and support response. Technical solid design patterns approach taken to achieve desired results


#6. Roman K.

Front End Software Engineer
Roman is a Front End Software Engineer, with an eye for design and strive to create intuitive user interfaces, consuming best practices and coming up with the best solutions to problems of any scale.


#7. Oleksandr T.

HTML/ CSS/ Front-end Developer
Oleksandr is a Front End developer with over three years of professional experience, hailing from Lviv, Ukraine. Oleksandr’s interest in web development was sparked at the tail end of his career at the Lviv Polytechnic National University, where he studied as Specialist in Computer science. Oleksandr continues to learn and grow in his career as a web developer.


#8. Andrew P.

Senior Front-end Developer with 7 years of experience
Andrew’s background includes 7 years of experience in IT industry. He is a skilled Front-End Developer specializing in producing pixel-perfect, hand-coded, and cross-browser websites and mobile versions using HTML, CSS, JavaScript frameworks. He is a self-driven and hard working person with strong ability to work in a fast-paced startup environment.


#9. Olena D.

Front End Developer
Olena has 2 years of experience in web development. Developed more than 10 projects on WordPress CMS, also have experience with Magento CMS. Made unique designs for mobile portals (games, videos, etc.). Used a lot of popular and very dynamic jQuery plugins and JS libraries. Work with different common APIs. She also has experience in manual testing.


#10. Artur K.

Front End developer
Artur is a software engineer with 2 years of experience in developing web applications using modern technologies. Oriented on results to be achieved quickly and high-effectively. Good team player. Thorough task-solving approach. Trying to always learn more about bleeding edge technologies related to Front End.

These are only 10 out from 335 Front End programmers found in 65 agencies on YouTeam platform.

2.2 Perfect team, Eastern Europe
Katya Bikanova

Katya Bikanova

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