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The blockchain is one of the most trending technologies in IT Industry today. More and more blockchain focused companies are raising millions in venture funding. Self-evidently, the demand for skilful and experienced blockchain developers grows exponentially. We at YouTeam realise how important it is to find the best fitting programmer for your project, that is why we shortlisted Top 10 Blockchain Developers with the great knowledge and experience.

#1. Vladimir B.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Developer
For more than 3 years Vladimir has been working on implementing Blockchain and building DAPP solutions from the ground up. His expertise includes building new cryptocurrencies and performing hardforks of the existing PoS and PoW solutions, modifying algorithms and coin supply schemes, customization of wallets etc.

#2. Alex P.

Blockchain developer
For past 2 years, Alex was working full time on helping people to launch ICOs and custom cryptocurrency systems. By this moment he has performed several hardforks of Bitcoin and helped to launch more than 12 ICO campaigns.

#3. Kiril K.

Lead Blockchain Developer: Ethereum/Solidity, Hyperledger, Multichain
Kiril has 12+ years dev experience, managing team (up to 30 specialists) and released more than 100 apps. Worked on software for Chrysler & Ferrari. Teaching courses on iOS and Blockchain.

#4. Pavlo K.

Ethereum Blockchain Developer
Pavlo is a Solidity, Java and C/C++ Developer with experience in a big variety of projects. Having strong knowledge and understanding of OOP, low-level programming, concurrency, machine learning principles, data structures, and algorithms, he found myself excellent in figuring out new technologies, tools and finding non-standard solutions.

Talented software developer possessing practical experience in blockchain technologies
Vitalius is a talented developer possessing strong knowledge and working experience in cross-platform programming based on Python and C-like programming languages (С, С++, Qt, CUDA C). He has theoretical knowledge and practical experience in blockchain technologies.

#6. Nickolay K.

PHP and Blockchain Developer
Nick is a PHP and Ethereum developer. He started his career as a PHP developer and has grown a lot in knowledge of modern backend frameworks, such as Laravel and Yii2. Also, he showed great performance in API architecture development and complex MySQL queries building.

#7. Vladyslav K.

Blockchain developer
Vladyslav is a 7+ years IT professional in software development in the field of desktop and mobile-oriented applications for small and large enterprises. He has a solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented approach, software engineering principles and concepts.

#8. Vladislav G.

PHP/Blockchain Developer
Vladislav has more than 4 years experience as a software engineer. He started his career building small PHP and HTML websites. Currently, he can build entire complex web app or API from scratch based on PHP and MySQL. Vladislav was a lead in marketplace project for UK market.

#9. Dmitriy H.

C/C++ Developer
Dmitriy is a 5+ years IT professional in software development in the field of desktop-oriented applications for small startups, midsize businesses and large enterprises. He has a solid understanding and knowledge of object-oriented approach, software engineering principles and concepts.

#10. Anton P.

Lead Data Scientist
Anton is a data scientist, AI enthusiast and researcher with a profound mathematical background (BSU faculty of applied math). In recent years he has been developing high-load real-time-bidding advertisement system as well as conducting researches aimed at the increase of ad conversion (primarily on a better understanding of natural languages).

Hiring Suggestions

To sum up, recruiting a skilled blockchain developer isn’t going to be any cheap because of the shortage in this specific and recently emerging niche. Well, there is no simple answer. A myriad of factors has to be taken into account. But it’s reasonable to learn what are they. Check out this article ‘How Much Does It Cost To Hire A Blockchain Developer?

As you can see the rates are significantly higher than as for other programming languages. As of 2017, the average annual income of a senior blockchain developer was $150,000-$200,000. This cost is caused by the limited supply of blockchain specialist in the world.

However, you still have a variety of options to source this rare talent. Here are some of the best blockchain hiring platforms: CryptohireDREAMCodementorCoinalityXbtfreelancerCrypto.jobsBlocktribe,  Cryptojobslist, Beincrypto, and BountyOne. The full list of other hiring options you can find in our Blockchain Hiring Guide.

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Katya Bikanova

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