Top 10 Android development Interview Questions & Answers

Every Android user wants to know everything about his/her system. We know that every day people in the social media are asking about each other about something that they are interested in (some extra functions, tools and other helpful information about the system). Of course, a bigger part of this information is located on the Wikipedia. You can easily click on the link and find the right article. However, there are some questions that don`t have normal answers on the sites or user`s forums. Very often to find such answers we need to find mobile development interview questions. Developers can easily answer to them, so you will get the needed information. We have ten popular android development questions and answers, which may be interesting for you.

  1. Question: what is content provider and where can we use it? Answer: content provider is a standard interface. It`s usual function is to connect the data in one process to the code that runs in another process.
  2. Question: can you tell us about DDMS? Answer: DDMS is an abbreviature, also known as Delvik Debug Monitor Server, which is connecting to Android. With this server you have some extra functions like tracking the network or capturing the screen.
  3. Question: what is the broadcast receiver? Answer: the broadcast receiver can communicate with messages from the operation system like “do we have the available internet connection” or something like that.
  4. Question: how we can prevent the ANR? Answer: there is one working technique. To make it work, you should create a child thread. Within it, a bigger part of the codes and tasks could be placed.
  5. Question: what is ADB? Answer: ADB means Android Debug Bridge. On easy words, it is a tool which helps you to communicate with the emulator instance.
  6. Question: we often face ANR notification while using Android. What is it? Answer: ANR (Application Not Responding) could appear when the system is working with too many tasks at one moment.
  7. Question: can you tell us about Activities and Intents? Answer: Activity is like the window in the interface. However, they can be output while in progress, so you don`t need to close them. Intents is used to send some notifications for the user about current Android current situation.
  8. Question: Why it is important to set permissions related to protect the data? Answer: permission allow to impose restrictions for data and code protection.

There are also some hard questions about codes inside the system. For example, the question like “where you will declare your activity that system could access it?” or “can you explain the difference between an implicit and explicit intent?”

With these Android interview questions and answers you can easily find important information and make your device work better.


Igor Grigorenko

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